For those who love the Tesla but hate "smart" phones

I had a bit of a to-do last month. I vented a bit.
See, I have this thing: I hate so-called smart phones. That's an understatement. I loath smartphones with an enmity and contempt that defies rationality.

So when Tesla took down the on-line website, I was in a bit of a pickle as far as getting any service. I vented about it on this board.
Funny thing. It eventually occurred to me that there must somewhere be a smart-phone emulator. Sure enough, there were several. One called Bluestacks got what I needed.
Funnier thing: while there were many replies to my demented howls of frustration, not a single person thought to suggest anything remotely helpful.
So, if there is anyone else out there who loves the Tesla, but hates smartphones, here's an answer.
The only down side is that the apps still appear only about 3"x7", so reading glasses may be necessary.


  • There are many app features you won’t get running an emulator on your computer, for example notifications. A smartphone is an essential part of the Tesla ownership experience. Why not consider a different vehicle that doesn’t require a smartphone?
  • > @koohii_98211585 said: One called Bluestacks got what I needed."

    Will it run the IOS or Android app on your computer?

    You'd think Apple with integration of IOS and MacOS with apps would be easiest to put the Tesla app (and Ford's app and others) on a PC.

    I can run the Tesla app on my iPad as an alternative, that's close to running it on a computer.
  • Both android and IOS have a history of security issues. Its worse for some phone manufacturers that don't promptly pass along android security fixes and stop making security updates at all after they stop selling a phone. For that reason I don't trust a smart phone or tablet for anything other than phone, text, and light browser use. I'm not thrilled about configuring the phone to read email particularly with the "forgot password" stupidity on many types of accounts that just sends a new password via email with no ability to disable this misfeature. So definitely no online banking apps.
  • The apps that create a token from the car's ID/PWD explain the security as follows. I've not heard of any security issue with it and that says a lot considering the over caffeinated Tesla community.

    "At TeslaFi we take security very seriously and continue to look for opportunities to make improvements. Below if a summary of how TeslaFi obtains and secures the data that it collects."
  • I'm saying that Android and IOS have had security issues and you can verify that in any of the CVE databases (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures), like DHS tax dollars at work, doing something useful. A good example is CVE-2020-8913 that could allow an attacker access to the Tesla App data (an Android bug that exposes any application). Also NVD (National Vulnerability Database) at NIST ( For example, 14 improper input validation in android 10 in 2020 so far. The most severe (rated critical) was specific to Samsung. The three most recent were high severity were LG. There are only 4 CVE listed for Tesla going back to 2017, two in 2020 which is a good record compared to just about anyone in software. One is disputed and mitigated by pin2drive. Not flawless but very good. Its the use of android and IOS and the app (or any app) that concerns me.
  • All interesting I guess but for a layman, if you fear for security of the phone app, just use the key card or get a FOB.

    Haven't seen any real issues with security of the phone key or the token used by and StatsApp to display the car data.
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