Model 3

Humming noise in cabin

I have a Model 3 which I took possession of in May, 2018. I now have 14,000 miles on it.
About a week ago I noticed a humming/buzzing in the cabin when I am driving. I have turned down the volume on the radio all of the way and it is still there. It is slight but noticeable. It seems to be coming from the speaker(s), but I am not positive.
I or the car haven't had any untoward experiences e.g. running over a curb or alien abduction and brain implants.
The noise is slight, but noticeable and annoying.
Has any one else had this experience?
Does any one have any ideas/thoughts?


  • Wild A$$ guess:

    Maybe a bad ground on the stereo or other device? It use to happen to ICE cars a lot. The alternator noise would get picked up by the radio. Of course there is no alternator in a Tesla but maybe the 12v charging system is the noise maker in this case?
  • I have also noticed when I first get in the car and start driving a lot of clicks, buzzing sounds as well that seems to have recently started. I don't notice it as much when I am driving away from my home anymore. But I am listening to music at this point. I have a 2019 M3 LR AWD. If it continues, I may contact support about it. Especially if it gets louder or more annoying.
  • Is climate on? Maybe a fan hum? I have an April 2018 and haven't noticed anything.... yet ;)
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