Model X

Free supercharging for life

Would you keep Model X that still has unlimited free supercharging for life or upgrade it to the newer model?
I’m on the fence with this decision. On one hand better battery, range, newer interior and warranty are very tempting and on the other - free charging is so great and so rare nowadays.


  • It all depends on how often you supercharge. While it does certainly add up over time, it isn't as grand as it sounds. For example, everyone likes getting the "1,000 Miles Free Supercharging" and bemoan when they don't get it. 1,000 miles works out to around $50 worth of charging. So the benefit is more psychological than anything.

    I too like you have free unlimited charging on my 2014 MS, so getting anything new would be a lose/win situation.
  • I'm stuck with keeping our X100D. After a car accident where the everything from the A-pillars forward was destroyed, our X was pulled from the brink of write-off oblivion and repaired.

    After fourteen weeks in the auto body repair shop, from what I can tell, the car drives much as it did before the accident. I'm very surprised and very pleased about that.

    I say I'm stuck with our X100D, and only a little bit unhappy about it, because when it comes to selling the car, I will have to disclose that our car was involved in a $45,000 wreck. That's a real black ball in many buyers' minds. I'll be compelled to discount the car at least 15% below retail market value.

    I've made the calculation that keeping the car with FUSC (Free Unlimited Supercharging) indefinitely is a better deal than selling it used at a discount.
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