Solar Roof

What happened to the Slate Roof design?

I ordered a slate roof style Solar Roof years ago. I noticed that the only one offered now is the black textured style. Has that design been abandoned? I need to know as my old roof is failing and doesn’t have much life left before it begins to leak!


  • Tesla Energy told me recently that they have not perfected the slate design. No further explanation. It may be a long wait or just around the corner. Hope “soon”.
  • Tesla's solar roof was announced in 2016, and they're finally getting things going in 2020. If your definition of "soon" is four years, then you may be right.

    Musk has a propensity to announce things waaaaay too soon, and I think this is one of those "things".

    I wouldn't hold my breath, or hold up a needed reroof, for a solar slate roof.
  • After having my solar roof with the ruff design, it's amazingly slippery with normal shoes or tennis shoes - even when dry. You have to get deck shoes and they work fairly well. I can't imagine getting on a roof with the slate design. Installation would be tough, but they have ropes when they do the work. For anyone else, I suspect you'd need a crane to do any roof work or cleaning after installation.

    Then there are the reflections. The glass tiles do reflect a lot of sunlight at some angles. One neighbor complained to me, so I put in a few trees (too small today) to help cut the glare once they grow a bit. The slate roof would be brutal - like having a mirror.

    While I don't know if there is a technical issue or not, I suspect these two side effects may doom the slate design.
  • Sounds like "Possible Glare for the Neighbors" should be added to the list of concerns needing exploration and/or mitigation prior to finalizing a Solar Roof contract. Celestial mechanics and geometry, anyone?
  • I went to a HOA meeting since the original barrell tile roof tiles on all our houses are no longer in production.
    They said they would be approving two types of new ones but they need to be the current terracotta color.
    When I asked about a solar roof, they said no..I thought it was a law that you couldn't prevent someone from putting on solar panels or tiles or even a windmill.. Don't want to add panels since I don't want them and the roof blown off during a hurricane.
  • Laws vary by country, state, county, municipality and <shudder> HOA. You'll need to research those laws local to you.

    This is one reason I will *never* buy into any property governed by an HOA.
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