Model 3

25% Power Loss

My LR RWD Model 3 went from producing 325 hp @ 70 mph under full throttle down to 250 hp under the same conditions one lap later - a 25% power loss. While SoC may have a little to do with it, I believe it is mostly down to overheating. Looking forward to aftermarket solutions for this.


  • Hm. I've seen the occasional videos from the M3Ps in track mode. Track mode shows data about the temperatures of the batteries and motors, if I'm not mistaken.
    On the other hand, about the only thing I've heard about M3 LR's at the track is that they "keep up with xxx", "xxx" being some _relatively_ underpowered race car.
    My understanding is that M3 LR's aren't tuned for the track, especially given that they, well, only have the one motor in the rear, the M3 P's got one in front and one in the rear, and the one in front isn't even the same type as the one in the rear.
    Given all that, is there some expectation lying around that the cooling and everything for a M3 LR RWD has anything like the capabilities of an M3 P? It's not just software, you know.
    I do run the SO's M3 RWD LR around over here and am impressed with its peppiness. But I'm a long time driver of econoboxes and minivans (that includes a Prius), so perhaps it doesn't take much to impress.
  • I'm well aware of the differences between the Model 3 variants. The DM and P versions also suffer with overheating when pushed hard on track. While Track Mode does employ some cooling, having two motors produces even more heat and the percentage of power loss is comparable.

    All that aside, I'm perfectly happy with the capabilities of the LR RWD at the track, especially on the first lap when the SoC is high and the battery and motors are at optimal temperatures. What I'd like, is to be able to run longer sessions at similar performance to the initial lap. Aftermarket tuners are working on solutions. I am looking forward to when they finally come to market.
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