Model 3

Tesla please give me control of my car so I can set it up for my lifestyle?

Pissed off. Com. For the money paid on a new car you can't control anything, even what control you have doesn't work. Any other car at this price you guarantee the button do what they say.

1. Turn off the alarm while keeping the doors locked. Not possible.

2. Turn off the air con, currently turning on every hour on the hour? Dispite having been turned off. Plus cabin protection off all off, still happens.

3. Emergency stop when computer does see the truck. It's switched off but it's still on?

4. Tialgaters are greeted with an emergency stop, no warning to the Tesla driver. No way to turn it off.

5. Side colision warning assist, is off but its not off. Reward an emergency stop, no warning given.

6. Opportunity to tell the car what part of the lane to be in and when on FSD function. In UK roads are narrow, model 3 pulls to the left too much, people think you are trying to piss them off.

7. Forward colision off. Wrong again, it's still on.

8. Auto head lamp, how to turn this off? It doesn't understand UK.

9. Turn on headlights in the rain, how?

10. Turn on headlights in low setting sun, how?

11. Where is the fog light and how /when does it ever go on?

12. Turn auto temp control on, with out ac being on? It must be possible to be warm with out draining the battery.

13. FSD wiggle steering wheel when car is stationery in traffic. It's not possible, or sensible. The car should know its not moving. This locks you out of FSD for the whole trip?

14. Reverse sensors, 10 inches is a country mile! I would like mine to say Stop at 2 inches.

15. All this stuff needs fixing and there is no one to call? At all? Write it here and maybe in millon years it may get fixed.

16. Cruse control basic setting, not FSD. Just stick exactly to the speed I set. I am allowed in UK to pass on the slow lane in certain conditions. Our slip roads are all the same speed limit as the motor way. If it changes, I will change it. Why's it trying to drive for me when I don't need it to?

17. Someone please fix sentury mode usb storage!!?? How many months do we need to wait. Its much more important than Bluetoothing the glove box.

I mean just give the controls and I can set it up myself. It could be a great car if the people who own one are treated like idiots. Any other car for this money you control stuff as daft as customising the interior lights!! Not to mention being trusted with the suspension. Here at Tesla you can't be trusted to drive in a straight line!?


  • It’s hard to believe that this was written by a British person when there are so many misspellings. I mean, English is their language, after all.

    Is it really fish?
  • Hahaha. First off many of the “issues” are in the manual. Other “issues” are common on many other modern cars, my ‘13 Lexus also can’t turn off forward collision warning, side warning, can’t control adaptive cruise, auto wipers are terrible, back up alarm has no settings,...
  • I’ll try to help. I think the fog lights are in the Quick settings.
  • @vmulla_98067114 +1
  • Why did you buy a Tesla then??? Did u not know what it does? Apparently not. Bad research.
  • The unbelievably long list of complaints is what begs my question.
  • Sell the car and get something with less technology. You can't handle it.
  • I think the front and rear sensors have a minimum resolution of 8 inches. At least, summon will not park any closer than 8 inches to the front wall of my garage. Two inches is pretty crazy, lol.
  • Whilst I was reading this, I seem to have fallen asleep.
  • Lifestyle?
  • To op NEXT
  • Fancy some chips to go with your Fish mate? What a wonker!
  • In my day, we had no sensors, no cameras nor fog lights. But that was 7 years ago.
  • But that fit your lifestyle
  • Hahah when I was younger me and my wife used paper maps all the time when we had a road trip. What a fun and mess 🤣🤣🤣 it was.
  • AAA Trip Tik
  • Must add I don't miss that.
  • Funny. I feel ICE cars don't give me control over the car's creeping and the acceleration is a joke. That's why I wouldn't drive an ICEV again. Why are you driving a car that makes you so unhappy and frustrated?
  • AAA trip-picks (however they spelled it) were the best.
  • I get what the OP is saying. If anything it should be far easier for Tesla to let you customize everything than in any other car. Tesla though is all about data collecting. If they implemented all of these user adjustable parammeters, I imagine it will make it far more difficult for them to collect the data. Yes things like turning off auto headlights shouldn't interfere, and it does bug me since it often comes on on a bright sunny day.

    For the most part, I prefer the simplicity of Tesla over the infinite adjustable options in a current BMW and such. IMO Lexus/Toyota strikes a good balance of being overly simplistic and complicated. Auto headlights and rain sensing wipers sensitivity, auto heated/cooled seats threshold, and whether to engage the AC compressor with the press of the auto climate control button, just to name a few things that are nice to have which Lexus does.
  • > @vmulla_98067114 said:
    > Hello fish


    I stopped after "For the money paid on a new car you can't control anything, even what control you have doesn't work. Any other car at this price you guarantee the button do what they say."
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