Very slow response to add access to my car??

More than 3 weeks ago, I submitted 2 names w EM via app asking Tesla to grant access to my car. Tesla promised to send them EM w app password but still waiting. How can I get Tesla to act on these requests?


  • I'm not sure what you mean by "EM via app" -- how exactly did you request access and what information did you provide? There used to be a link on the web account page to do this but apparently no more.

    After we took delivery of my wife's Model 3 in Dec 2108, which was ordered using my account, she created a new account in her name and then I e-mailed Tesla to request they give her account access to the Model 3. It didn't take long.
  • I followed these steps to give access to my additional drivers:
    "Log into your Tesla Account
    Click ‘Manage’
    Under ‘Car Access’, select ‘Add Driver’
    Enter their name and email address
    Click ‘Save’"
    I was given a message that my desired additional drivers would receive an email with a password so they could log into Tesla app but passwords have not arrived.

    I did all of that 3 wks ago for each driver. I contacted my service advisor but she has been of no help in getting further assistance from Tesla.
  • Try having the extra drivers create their Tesla accounts using the same email address you provided and a password of their choosing, and see if those accounts have access.
  • Finally got this straightened out with help from Tesla support (877 798 3752). After doing the above steps, they must create an account at using the same email address. Then they download tesla app and then log in with the same email address and password. Then they should be able to access car with their phone.
    Tesla support apologized that their instructions were not clear or complete and will try to have the instructions corrected.
  • So you thought the new users wouldn't need an account and app?
  • knew they needed app but not tesla account. Neither did my service advisor.
  • nor was the Tesla support person aware of tesla account requirement. lbowroom must be a genius!
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