App shows 794 miles in the loot box

I bought my car last month and live in Virginia where the referral codes can not be used (1 of 2) states.

I used the super chargers twice and was billed fir them. What is the 794 miles all about. The car had about 10 miles or so on it or I’d wonder if it was a returned car which is why the VIN on the app shows the free miles.

Has me puzzled. Guess I’ll call my sales person in the morning to find out what the miles are all about, and why they are there if I can’t use them.


  • If there are miles in your loot box, I would expect you to get credit for them when supercharging. Your sales person isn't the best person to contact, instead contact the Tesla Referral Program team at [email protected] because they manage the free supercharging perks.
  • Thanks I’ll try that. The sales person said he thinks there may have been a promotion the end of September, but was not sure himself why they were there
  • Yes there was a promotion at the end of September. Many people were texted that if they take delivery by xx date (a date near the end of September) they would get 1,000 free charging miles. Tesla goal was to make quarter end delivery goals ... so it was worth it to them if you took delivery on Sept 27 instead of Oct 2.
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