Repair of acoustic tyres - clarification??

Hi folks - just after some clarification on options here as I am getting mixed messages from different sources.

I picked up a nail in my Model 3 P after a just a few miles. It's a clean puncture, but just inside of the acoustic foam that is present in the tyre, and all my local tyre shops have refused to repair it. Tesla service also confirmed they would not repair it and it would need replacement, which I have done.

Now I have a (spare) brand new tyre which really ought to be repairable, and I would like to know other peoples' experience, in advance of the next inevitable puncture.

There seems to be a legit / recommended procedure for doing a repair on one of these tyres however I can't find anyone to do it (in the Midlands, north of Birmingham).

Any suggestions? Or is it just a case of be prepared to cough up £200 for a new tyre every time you get a puncture?


  • There really is not a legitimate reason to not repair a puncture due to the foam. Continental Tire even publishes the procedure to do it. The only issue I have heard is that after removing a square of the foam to repair, the repairer did not securely replace the foam and it came loose and created an imbalance issue. The two ways around that is to simply not replace the cut away foam or to not cut it away in the first place.

    I had a puncture repaired in one of my foam tires and I watched him do it and he simply pulled the foam aside, did not cut the foam out, did the repair, and glued the foam back down.
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