Just added FSD to my Y

After speaking to my SC I decided to spend the 5K and add FSD. Two weeks ago I added EAP. I should have done it all then and saved a thousand dollars.

Looks like my car is now sixty-five thousand car.

I’m looking forward to trying it as soon as it’s available.


  • I'm still on the fence to spend 5k to add FSD myself...
  • I did it 2 weeks ago. $5k will be a steal compared to what it will be in a few months
  • Well it’s actually $9,000 after factoring in the cost of EAP first. I’m in the same boat but I think it’s going to be amazing....eventually. Lol.
  • My issue is 5k for Navigate on City Street but bought a Y performance and love to drive it
  • Just tried it. It’s definitely in beta. Stops for stop signs and red lights, but also slows for green lights sometimes. Had a flashing yellow it tried to stop for.

    I think I’ll keep it because I’m sure it will improve with age ( like some fine wines) and don’t know where the cost will be in six months.

    Kind of reminds me of the earlier AP I had in my first Tesla
  • @2manycars - What you have isn’t the “FSD beta” we’ve been hearing about lately, since that was only released to a limited number of early access program members. For the rest of us with the FSD option, if you have a current build, the car will stop at green lights unless there’s a car in front of you that it can follow.
  • I noticed a few other things today. If I try to make a right turn on red the car fights me putting on the brake as I try to turn as I makes a loud thunk sound. It also slows for green lights but doesn’t really stop every time. Stop signs it does pretty well with Its good to know that for the moment stopping at all traffic signals is “normal”.

    I’m think going to keep it knowing it will get better with time as our 2016 S did. It used to slow for most over passes initially.

    EV if I understand you correctly, eventually the system will be vastly improved as the Beta FSD in test rolls out I have a September build Y.

    Is the feeling that we are months away from the better system or years away. I only have until tomorrow to change my mind and get the 5K back I spent yesterday.
  • @2manycars - Since you seem to be interested in FSD, and you just bought the car so you'll probably keep it for a while, I would advise against cancelling your FSD purchase. It will be more expensive to purchase later -- in fact I think the price is supposed to increase tomorrow. I wouldn't count on having true autonomous driving anytime soon, but there should be lots of cool features along the way.
  • @OP you do realize the software you have is not even close to what will be released in a few months? Any experience you have right now is utterly unrelated to the FSD upgrade that everyone is talking about right now.
  • Right now I’m trying to learn to trust the EAP I have. It works fine, but I still find myself second guessing whether it will exit properly or change lanes safely. As far as FSD goes I’m sure it will be great as time goes on.

    Trust the force( Tesla ). I will in time I’m sure
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