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Gutters for solar roof. San Francisco Bay Area

The gutter company Tesla recommended, Acme, gave me never gives me a quote after 3 requests. Is there any other gutter company someone in the bay area has used? I have contacted Tesla a couple of times and asked them for another referral but nothing yet.


  • I suspect they are the only one that Tesla recommended in the SF Peninsula, not sure about East Bay. Tesla says it is a Foster City roofer but the company actually has a Morgan Hill address.

    They have been responsive to my inquiries so far though sometimes it may be a bit slow, maybe they are very busy before the rainy season gets here. I have communicated with both Hector as well as Bernice, do you need their direct email address or phone?

    They seem to use fairly high-end or good quality products, you should get quotes of the leafblasters (leaf guard) as well. There is still no ETA for my project and I told them so, they also told me that they will coordinate with Tesla for the job when the time comes.
  • I will be traveling and would not have the Acme information handy so I will post them now before I leave. They are not cheap but not super expensive either, if you found someone that knows how to work with Tesla Solar Roof and cheaper please share it here. A roof is a roof but I do not want to run around to hold someone responsible if something gets messed up. Hector is the main contact I communicated with.

    [email protected]
    Bernice Tapia
    ACME Roofing Services
    Office: 408-776-ROOF

    [email protected]
    Hector Lopez
    ACME Roofing Services
    16570 Church St Suite 120 Morgan Hill CA
    Direct: 408-482-3883
  • Do we have to get gutters replaced with solar roof. I am waiting for permits on my solar roof. My current gutter is very good condition.
  • @Pastesla - They may have to take the gutters off to do the work, and that usually destroys them. Now you could elect to have them remove them, but not put up new ones. You can install them yourself or find your own contractor. No idea if it would be cheaper, but might be worth getting a quote.
  • I was never told about that.. so disappointed.. need to talk to the tesla advisor
  • Tesla was taking so long to do mine that I sourced my own. Got the same spec s the Tesla gutters for half the price.
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