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The worst customer service I've ever seen !

We originally purchased a contract with Solar City, they were good, they took care of their product. Now, as you know, it is Tesla. We got a message telling me the communication box was not working, they sent another and I installed it....all OK. Then I got a message or series of messages telling me the units were not working. I spoke on the phone to a tech who confirmed after walking me through some activities that a service on site repair was needed. They sent me a text and told me to follow the directions, it is October 23...they gave me a service date of December 8. But will still charge me the lease price of the panels. I'm on hold yet again with them, they have NO intention of ever servicing their products. This is a company you should avoid at all costs.


  • "...they have NO intention of ever servicing their products."

    Patently false statement. I've had nothing but great experiences with Tesla Energy customer service, as they've "serviced their products".

    "This is a company you should avoid at all costs."

    Tesla has the most competitive price structure in the industry. The extra "costs" of avoiding Tesla, and going to a competitor would likely be many thousands of dollars. The vast majority of Tesla Energy's customers are entirely satisfied. They just don't take the time to post of their experiences.
  • Tesla/Solar City has been the worst customer experience of my life. It takes 5-6 weeks to get techs scheduled for service, and then they are ill-prepared to work on system and have to reschedule. And I was told by Tesla directly that they don't have enough people to work (this issue was ongoing before Covid).

    And now that I'm looking at a roof repair, I was told it will take 3-4 months to schedule to get it removed. Then once the roof is completed, to call and schedule reinstall which will likely take another couple of months.
  • Something is seriously wrong with them. Either incompetent management, or incompetent management.
  • I think its pretty unanimous that Tesla has really really really horrible customer service. For the most part, their products are good and for the price, its hard to beat them (cars or solar). I did the math, and the next closest bid I got was like $15K more expensive (for powerwalls and a large solar system). I knew, from dealing with my Tesla car and reading Tesla Energy reviews, that it was going to be a pain to deal with them, but I consciously made the choice that $15K was worth the extra time and frustration. Overall, they did screw up a bunch of things and it was like pulling teeth sometimes to deal with them. It was still well worth the $15K I saved. If I had it to do over again, I'd still use them.
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