Model S

Wishlist for next model s update..

I would very much llove to see the following updates for the model s..
1. Batterry Temprature added to energy reader.
2. A number of engine sounds you can choose from V8, V10, Electric futuristic, Space X rockets hehe would be great easter egg to have Space X rockets sound for ludicrous plus!
3. An interactive tesla assistant to take commands.
4. Camera wash reminder if cameras are blurry or dirty.
5. Option to monitor cameras remotely from phone when sentry activates....
6. Vocal warning that sentry mode active and they are being recorded if tampering with vehicle.
7. Engine Pin code screen to stay ontop of other menus.
8.Boot and Frunk Pin code access pins same as engine and glove box.
9.Voice reminder of what mode you are in engine, suspension, bio defence,
10. Wireless Induction Charging with hardware upgrade fee.
11. Free 1000 miles a month super charging till FSD is fully rolled out if you buy it now.
12. Tesla insurance, home energy, car ev charging and Tesla electric in one package!!
13. Ability to activate internal camera in car with sentry mode..
14.all camera activation and record on "Honk" or optional settings.


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