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Incredibly Bad Factory Service

After 2 wonderful years driving a new X, we had a drive train issue and made an appointment for service. Here in Orange County California there are lots of Tesla models so it took a few days to get scheduled. Upon arriving for my `10:45 AM appointment I was greeted by a young fellow with a Tesla hat who said "just park there and leave your key in the cup holder." As the parking spot was 5 feet from the street, I asked "do I get a receipt?" and the answer was no. So I said "no disrespect, but since anyone can buy a Tesla hat for $25, what can you provide to assure me you are a Tesla employee?" Nothing really, was the response. I then asked "can I at least take a photo of your face, without the mask?" I don't think so was the response. I then asked "would you be willing to allow me to take a photo of your drivers license?" That was an absolute NO response. I also asked if I got a loaner car. I was told, only if the car is kept over 24 hours. I left in frustration at such a poorly run company. A couple hours later a service advisor, Greg called and said we got your car, then provided his phone number. At 5 PM Greg called to say they were keeping the car overnight. The next day, I tried calling Greg at least 40 times without an answer, just to see if I was to get a loaner or my car back. at about 2:40 PM Greg called to say I could pickup my car, before 5 PM, otherwise, too bad.


  • 1. Tesla in OC no longer provides loaner car, they will give you Uber credits. They gave me 3 times but very difficult to use their Uber credits because Uber drivers declined my request. So my Uber credits were expired.
    2. Tesla in OC does touchness contact. When you schedule a service, drive your car there, park in service lots, then place your key in the box, then text Tesla service guy.
    3. When service is done, they text you. You need to pick up before 6:00pm because their service closes at 6:00 pm. However, if you are late, text/call them then ask them to place the key inside your car then lock your car.
    I usually picked up my at at 8:00-9:00 pm only after my work, they placed key inside the car and locked it. I used Iphone to open the door.
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