Solar Roof

Solar Roof Deck Replacement Charge

I am in process of getting a new solar roof. I am just over a week out from start of installation. I just got a new price sheet that has a new extra chares
- permitting/Roof Prep/Preconstruction charge - which seems odd since permitting was suppose to be covered.
-Though more significant was roof deck replacement charge. When the guy came out for measurements he didn't mention anything about the roof deck needing replacement, so I was suprised by this additional charge before they even started taking roof off.

I was wondering how common these up charges are? I just feel like they waited until the last minute to tack on extra fees.


  • What did the contract say about your responsibility for additional costs for remediation that might be discovered later?
  • Even for standard roofs without solar, they can have upcharges once the work begins. The assumption on most jobs is what under the roof underlayment is sound and can be used as-is. If it needs a lot of wood replacement due to leaks and damage, there will be upcharges. Another thing that can happen is some roofs use 4" wide boards with 4" gaps. This was allowed in the 60s but is not code anymore in many places. Any roof work requires those 4" gaps are filled in or the slats removed and new wood sheeting installed. It makes it both safer and adds some fire resistance.

    My guess is the extra construction work needs an additional permit. With more work comes more city inspections, and regretfully, the city wants to get more money out of it too.
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