Model 3

Placing an order for Model 3

I am placing an order for Model 3 as of now in October 2020. The delivery is about 7 - 10 weeks. My question is: Which model Year of the vehicle will I be getting, 2020 or 2021?


  • I'd highly suggest asking that question to the representative that gets assigned your order.
  • I think Tesla has already switched the 2021 VINs so that’s what you’ll get, unless you buy an inventory car.
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    Congratulations on your purchase! You have bought a car that just gets better and better! Enjoy!

    I bought my 3P mid October 2019 and it was a 2020 VIN so chances are your October 2020 order will be a 2021 VIN. Just check with your sales rep though to be sure.
  • If you already have the VIN, you can determine the model year from the 10th character: L is 2020, M is 2021.
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