Solar Panels

So far, So good. Fingers crossed.

I have been reading through this and other Tesla energy forums for the last 6 months. I decided to post this to share what I have learned so far. A little background first. I drive a 2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance. I am scheduled to trade in it next month for a 2021 Tesla Model 3 Long Range. Got a great trade in offer from Tesla which made the upgrade too good to refuse. I started my solar panel research in July 2020 and met either in person or virtually with 3 vendors. I ordered a 8.16KW system with 3 PW's on 7/27/2020 mainly due to price, the Powerwall's (I wanted full home backup) and my allegiance to the brand. I simply could not justify the $15-$20K more for the local competition, even with all the bad reviews that I had read online. Since I knew that I wanted the PW's it made my decision easier to get the whole system from Tesla.

Designing the layout was quite a tedious process, as others have mentioned, because you can not interface with that team. So I went back and forth with my advisor until I got the design that I was comfortable with. This process took a good 6-7 weeks. Part of the delay was once we had an agreeable layout, my advisor sent it to the local office in Florida, and they noticed some things that would not be approved by the local building department. I was glad that this was caught but it delayed the design process by about 2 weeks.

We got permit approval Tuesday and I was scheduled today for 11/30 & 12/1/2020. They will contact me if an earlier date opens up. So basically, for me, 3 months from order to permit and another month for installation. Obviously, I am very happy that I am getting installed in 2020 for the 26% tax credit. Now, here comes what I've learned. You MUST take ownership of your project with Tesla. While other vendors seemed to have the manpower and desire to control your project, Tesla requires you to be your own manager. If you don't then it leads to all the unhappy posts that I have seen. I have spent countless hours pushing my Tesla advisor, contacting my local building department, and doing everything possible to move my project along. If I had not done this, I would have been extremely dissatisfied as the project would have stalled for any number of reasons. I found the best way to communicate with my advisor (email) and I stuck with it.

So, in summary, I am posting as a happy customer (so far) and will post again after my installation.
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