Model 3

Failed connection

My problem was (is) the connectivity between the app and the vehicle. The app fails to wake up the vehicle. After completion of the chat with Tesla support, I was referred to a service center. I later discovered that this problem only occurred in the Easy Entry mode. I hope Tesla's online support would get better. Still don't know how to resolve the problem


  • Turn off easy entry
  • I've been frequently having problems being unable to wake up the car with my phone running version 3.10.8-421 of TeslaApp; my friend's phone seemed to work better with version 3.10.7-409. So I downgraded to that and it seemed to help. Just now, though, neither of our phones could wake up the car. Any help would be appreciated...
  • I don’t see how Easy Entry could have anything to do with waking your car, since it’s only active when the car is already awake. In order for the app to wake the car, the car needs cellular coverage (AT&T in the US) and the mobile app needs internet access either via cellular or WiFi. If your phone isn’t on WiFi when you have the problem, make sure cellular data is turned on.
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