Model 3

How are referral miles calculated?

So, after about 2 1/2 years of talking to interested people about the car, I have finally received a 1K mile referral award. Now I’m wondering how the miles are calculated? EPA x KWH pumped in at a supercharger?
I probably just answered my own question. When it ones down to it, it’s a pretty insignificant amount of monetary value.


  • they get deducted mile per mile supercharged. So if you add 250 miles at a supercharger it deducted 250 from your balance. Check your loot box for updated miles let.
  • For me it has always seemed to be on the generous side. Far less than 1 mile deducted for a mile supercharged. Never bothered to do the math.
  • Humm, I wonder what happened to my reply earlier. Maybe I forgot to click the post button

    At any rate, I did check my loot box and now have 920 miles after a 96 mile drive to a supercharger. I only charged to 80% after starting out at 85%. I guess that works out to about 80 miles of use. Either way, no reason to complain!
    Thanks for the replies, this is what the forum is for.
  • When I used mine a little over a year ago when driving from California to South Dakota, I determined that it was actually 400 kWh, not 1,000 miles.
  • I've only had one referral, but in my experience fewer miles were subtracted from my loot box balance than what the touch screen said I gained after Supercharging.
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