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Service / Parts Disappointment

I live in Palm Springs and my model X recently had the Air conditioning go out. It was at the end of the hottest summer on record. The treatment I received at the service center was great. The problem was the length of time is took to get a new compressor and parts, over a week! This is not acceptable for a high end current model car. I've had all kinds of top end cars and the times a part was needed it could generally be sent overnight from anywhere in the country. This was not the case here. What, no one knew we were having a hot summer and some extra compressors should be on hand? If there is someone at Tesla that thinks its smart to cut parts inventory on common items like compressors and the customer is happy because they have a loaner car, please think again! I had to make a long drive during that time for medical treatments and really needed my car. Tesla wasted whatever money it could have saved on a loaner car and took my confidence down a couple notches. I've enjoyed the model X and have keep it longer normal to see what the new X might look like. This shouldn't happen.


  • sell your tesla
    buy a kia
    problem solved
  • @Douglas - sounds like you've never bought a higher-end car? Often the more expensive the vehicle, the longer it will take to get parts if they are even available. Some cars like Ferrari may require the part to be custom made once ordered (wait 3-6 months and shipped from Italy).

    Now if you down market, rather than waiting a full week at Tesla for a part that rarely fails, something like a high-volume Toyota Corolla will have the parts in stock because so many fail they stock everything at the dealer. So if your sole reason for buying a car is to get failed parts within a day, buy that Corolla.
  • I've had many, many high cars. No need to explain to me.
  • Douglas I feel your pain..
    I feel at Tesla it seems Priority is to sell. After sales is almost non existent. If Tesla wants to grow ( as they say) they will have to have a lot more service centres and be more customer friendly . Now personal contact is difficult, Minimal and they hide behind an app. I have just had X ball joints my go faulty after 84000 KM ...( answer I got was it is normal wear and tear ) . I even paid for extended Warranty and this falls outside have been driving for 30 years with brands like Volvo and Mercedes . First time I encounter this. I drive also a Volvo XC90 , Tesla should learn from thier customer service.
    My Tesla is great car as long as it ok. Once something goes wrong then it all starts.

    Maybe they are growing too fast ...Tesla really should invest in Car Quality , Service centres and Customer service.. and yes Tesla has the best range and best changing facilities ...
  • I live in Miami, FL. My model 3 has a battery problem and has been in service now for 10 days with no ETA as of when the car will be ready.
    Service tells me they have no batteries in stock and had to wait for them to arrive from California... sounds crazy for a battery operated car.
    They did provide me loaner but 10 days with no ETA as to when it will be fixed seems way too long.
  • Consider the battery is 1000 lbs or so, not something that can be delivered by FedEx. Often they have some batteries in regional distribution points, but pack failures are so rare, perhaps they don't bother with the packs. I expect the pack is being shipped by train, and later by truck, so it could easily be a couple of weeks.
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