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Bought used 2018 Model S about 1.5 mo. back. Trying to subscribe to Premium Connectivity service ($9.99/month). Under "Manage Connectivity Package" entered my credit card & billing information. Has been over a week and I still do not have this feature activated in my car. On "Car Details" screen under "Subscription" it lists Premium Connectivity, $9.99/month, Pending Payment. I am at total loss. There is no charge on my cc. Please Help!


  • You've probably done this, but the first step would be to reboot.
  • Sorry, just saw the "no charge to CC."

    Tesla is pretty hard to contact, but maybe you can try scheduling a service call on the app? That way they will contact you.
  • I am having a total opposite experience...i bought a used one also and mine came with a month trial...i never activated any trial or anything but it was month is way past over but I still have connectivity...i was ready to purchase a plan but mine is staying active...not sure why...??? anyone knows?
  • Does your web account still show the credit card information in the correct place? If I recall correctly, the credit card info you enter for Premium Connectivity is separate from the credit card info used for supercharging and service visits.
  • You are right. I did post my CC information on Subscribe Premium Connectivity screen. It did register my CC information. Tesla has not charged my CC. Status still says Pending Payment. Tried to do a online chat with Tesla. Have been waiting over an hour to connect!!
  • Did you reboot as @sentabo suggested? Maybe you already have Premium Connectivity and don't know it. One easy test: touch the touchscreen where the map is displayed and see if you get icons for satellite view (globe) and traffic data display (traffic light) in the lower right corner. If you do, and you can enable those features, you have Premium.
  • While you’re waiting you may want to contact your financial institution to see if they allowed the charge to Tesla or not.
  • Thanks everyone for your suggestions. After trying every suggestion, I could still not solve this problem. So, I reached out Tesla support tam and was able to talk to a human being. He gave me more things to try at my end. Nothing worked. He decided to elevate the issue to experts. Couple of days back, I received the following from them:
    “Thank you for contacting Tesla customer support. It was great speaking with you today, the Ownership Experience team advised there was an ongoing issue they are investigating affecting your account. They have provided 30 days of free premium connectivity while they investigate the issue. We have confirmed the premium was sent to the car and that the car updated successfully. Please give us more time while the ownership experience team investigates an ongoing premium connectivity concern, they have not advised of an ETA for complete resolution. We suggest checking back in at the expiration of the provided trial to get an update.“
    Stay tuned! Thanks, again.
  • How did this resolve? I'm also not able to activate the premium. Actually, it comes and goes. Tells me to find wi-fi or subscribe. ???
  • Altho Tesla gave me 1 month free Premium Connectivity, while their Ownership Experience Team investigated this issue. , I just logged in to my account to find that my Tesla Account for Premium Connectivity has been fixed! My suggestion would be to get in touch with a member ( a human being) of the support team. That is how I was able to resolve this issue for me. All the best.
  • I renewed the Premium Connectivity end of October for my subscription ended mid of November, got confirmation by mail. But this did not work. On the road suddenly black screen, restart, no premium connectivity available anymore. I had to activate the Premium Connectivity in my Tesla account again, then it worked. Tesla should fix this and send a message on screen when this happened, including in the App!
  • purchased has my 2014 model s 3 years ago private, i don't use aps, or any phone bull crap, telsa service wont change my door handles out unless i registered my car to an account, i did so, now the streaming radio does not connect and all my stations are gone , WTF
  • I had the same problem where I resubscribed after not renewing and all I had to do was to go to Safety & Security in the car menu and turn it off for 2 minutes. Not touching the break or opening a window.
    After two minutes the car wakes up if it doesn’t you press the break.
    Then slacker comes back as when you first got the car.
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