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Did you get Ceramic Coating done?

Hi, i am in florida west palm beach area and looking to get my car ceramic coated.
Any DIY here who did it themselves and can share what products? i see so many being sold online and cant decide which one to go with.

Anyone here did it themselves OR got it done and share their experience, cost and longitivtiy of the coating?


  • I had opticoat pro+ applied 5 years ago. Works great, still going strong, and worth every penny; if I recall correctly, I paid around $500 at the time. Cleaning is a breeze. There is a small amount of protection conferred by the coating, but it should not be seen as something that will give material protection from rocks, etc.
  • I DIY Opticoat Pro and latter on another car C-Quarts. Both were great. However I now us Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions System. Way easier and long lasting. It is easier to clean away bird dropping, etc. I never got as may compliment with other brands as I am getting with Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions System. I am very pleasantly surprised and grateful. PS: I use to have a professional Car detailing business.
  • which Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions System do you use..i see there are many difference type of products under that catogory
  • Once you have removed any dirt and bonded dirty from the paint examine the paint. If there are swirls and imperfections start with the Hybrid Solution polish wax applied with a buffer. If the paint is perfect than don't polish. Instead go wright to the Hybrid Solution Spray sealer. Make sure you do two coats minimum of the spray. However you must always leave 24 hours between coast for it to harden. This is true for all their products or you are wasting your time. These are the only two products one really needs. The other products are great but it is the spray sealer that creates the most durable long lasting amazing finish.
  • @"Anthony J. Parisio"

    You’ve moved on from the Ice product?
  • Bighorn
    Yes. The reason is Hybrid Solution is Ice with Ceramic rather the Carnuba in fused in it. The durability, ease of use and protection are even better. The depth of shine is FAR greater. Turtle introduce these products just one year ago. As great as my car looked on Turtle ICE I am getting way more compliments on my car's finish. I didn't believe this was possible but people go out of their way to compliment it's finish
  • Thanks @"Anthony J. Parisio"
    Better use up that Ice I bought because of you😂
  • I know Opticoat plus is expensive and would love to use Turtle's ceramic. But the big thing is that most of us aren't professional detailers. And if you use any of these products without a perfect paint finish/clear coat you will only seal in stuff and make it look worse. And while I think $1500 is a rip off for Opticoat, it is not the $50 of the product you are paying for, it is for them to prep your car properly with sanding, clay, buffering, and polishing before they apply any ceramic that is so costly. If you just spray on Turtle Ceramic even on a brand new car, you are not going to be happy with the results, and for a car that is even a month or more old, forget about it. It is all in the prep for these ceramics.
  • @Craig1965 - My cost included a professional detailer doing it with proper prep etc. My car was one day old when they did it, so very little prep work was needed. No doubt prices have gone up, though.
  • Craig1965,
    Prepping the car can easily by a DIYer is very doable. It is not hard to get the paint clean and smooth ready for what ever one chooses. The are so many great videos on YouTube that can help with this. Spending 100's of dollars is not necessary for a DIYer to get great finish.
  • Update: Applied Turtle Wax Hybrid Systems Ceramic coat sealer today in the sun, on a warmer day. Works great no swirls. What a glossy shine!
  • dgibson2_98198324,
    Isn't it shocking how well these products work and how easy they are to use? I have no connection with this company other than buying and using their products. Yet I am so amazed I feel a need to share with others. In the 45 years of my car care life I have NEVER seen anything that looks this good, last this long, protects this well and is this affordable!
  • I'm blown away. It looks like I took my black Model S to a Ferrari dealership for a paint job. Particularly good on the plastic parts, like the side mirrors, front and rear bumpers, etc., they look like new.
  • But I see that the turtle wax hybrid ceramic spray coating is only good for 1year they say. Others they claim are good for 5years...Whatsup with that??
  • Commercial products go on thicker and it’s more about warranty coverage than actuality.
  • Can you put this on a brand new car? I'm assuming the paint is cured enough.
  • Which ceramic coating spray you guys get?

    Is it this one?

    Turtle Wax 53409 Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating - 16 Fl Oz.
  • That's the one.
  • Adeel421,
    It is true others claim more than 1 year. However they cost much more. Most can't be refreshed with a simple re-spray that takes only 10 minutes. Most claim to be only for professional use. Also most do not have video on Youtube that proves more than 1 year while Turtle has volgers proving the one year claims.
  • Can you put Turtle Wax Hybrid Ceramic coating over a 4 year old Optic-Coat plus in 10 minutes to make it re-shine, or is that a bad idea?
  • I applied it over my 5 yr old Opticoat finish with no problems, it looks better than new.
  • @Craig1965
    I wouldn’t foresee a problem. Might have to give it a try. Mine’s been 6.5 years.
  • Craig1965,
    As other said there is no problem applying over Opti-Coat. This stuff bonds to it's self and other ceramic coasts very well.
  • @"Anthony J. Parisio"
    The 3 got its first real detail today. I used the TW Ceramic spray. Very easy and looks great. The only thing TBD is how dust from the road sticks to it. Usually the downfall of detailing sprays.
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