FSD, does it adapt to conditions?.

I’m curious, as I was on the road this morning and in the middle of a good rain, I naturally slowed down, got me thinking, Is FSD intended to be able to adapt to changing road conditions, rain, sleet, snow, wind?
My thought is when a driving rain hits suddenly, will it sense the condition and slow down to help prevent planeing?
Same for slippery conditions (ice, snow, slush), will it slow down automatically ?
I would assume that would be the goal in the end.


  • I don't believe it does that today, at least not that I have seen. However, I would assume that this would be required for level 5 autonomy. We all should keep in mind that there are weather conditions that are so bad that no car should be on the road regardless of technology.
  • I believe it will attempt to mimic how a human would drive. Note for example the current iteration will fold the side mirrors in and drive slowly along a route with narrow clearance.

    I would expect similarly appropriate behavior in inclement conditions, if not now then soon.
  • No. The car needs to be reprogrammed with via the updates.
  • I wish someone would invent a lie detector taser.
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