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4 months of no driving

Should I keep my car plugged in for 4 months if I will not be driving it? What is the best way to store it?


  • "A plugged in Tesla is a happy Tesla."

    If you are going to be gone that long set the charge limit to 60% and leave it plugged in.
  • Great advice, Andy.
  • One thing to add: I think Andy’s list is complete; there really isn’t anything to add.
  • I guess it's worth adding that leaving the car plugged in for 4 months at a high state of charge like 100% or 90% is worse for battery health, hence the 60% recommendation.
  • The only thing I will add is that this, and many other things, can be learned by simply reading the manual.
  • Also, if your garage floor is concrete, put some rubber mats or vinyl floor tiles under your tires. Parking on concrete for that long will leave hard spots on your tires.
  • Whatever hard spots (if any, I didn't check) were there did not remain on the tires on my Model S, which was on a concrete floor for four months.
  • I guess I should have said could. It depends on if and how well the concrete is sealed.
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