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Thinking of buying a 2017 or 2018 Model S

What are your thoughts on a 2017 vs 2018 Model S? Most 2018 Model S I have seen have the delamination of the MCU (Yellow Band). From what I read Tesla won't replace only UV light Fix.

Since Tesla doesn't sell Extended warranties, do you recommend buying an extended warranty from a third party?

What features are standard in both years?
What features are worth getting?
Can you purchase additional features such as Full Self Driving from Tesla if the vehicle I purchase doesn't have it?



  • I have a 2017 and love it. Having said that, it was a transition year. By that I mean they left old tech for new tech that is still older than 2018 tech. Examples are: drive computer 1.0 for 2.0 latter to 2.5 in 2018; black and white cameras for the drive computer became color in 2018; MCU1 became MCU2 which gave us greater video speed, HD video and better sound from the same speaker and amps.; wood grain on the center console; better rear seats; sentry mode and dashcam came in 2018; 2017 loose more miles per day just sitting unplugged than newer cars because of new battery in 2018. As you can see many things were advanced in 2018.
  • If you are new to Tesla, my suggestion is to read as much information as you can about the Model S and the options offered at that time. I think before anyone can provide their opinions, we need to know the manufacture month/year of the car you are interested in. My opinion is to buy a car that was manufactured later in the year which usually gives you the latest features that Tesla rolled out during that year.

    TeslaTap has put together lot of helpful information....
  • Can I assume by looking at the carfax report that if the car was purchased on 12/27/2018 with 10 miles on it that it was built in Dec of 2018?
  • Also, what is the deal with the yellow band in the 2018s? I also noticed on all the 2018s the rear tail light on the trunk lid all had signs of condensation.
  • No It could be months earlier. Heat from the sun can delaminate the screens. There is a setting to stop the cars from overheating.
  • If the car was purchased on 12/27/18, the manufacture date was either late October or early November. The only way to tell the manufacture date is to look at the sticker inside the driver's door. It will show xx/xx for mo/yr.
  • We have a 2017 90, and we had the yellow band around the edges. They used a light treatment of some sort---no big deal per everyone-----and it was fixed when I had the car in for new tires. Just make sure your SC has the machine to do it before you drop the car off---not all do.

    I was raised to get the newest car you can afford--all other things being equal. Best of luck---you will love either car.
  • You can buy my 2017 S75D. No yellow band. 41k miles. And it’s about to get a brand new MCU. With HW3. And an extended warranty from Tesla. 2018 was bad. Don’t get that. :) Just kidding. The later the build the better the cars get.
  • Just bought 2016 S yesterday with 31k miles. Beautiful car even though it has older ap1 and mcu1 it is still good. Only problem car has is bubbling in one of the corners of the screen which Tesla will take care of and one window won't auto close I need to hold switch to close it.
  • Don't waste your money on an extended warranty. Statistically you lose money, otherwise third party warranty companies wouldn't exist.
  • So the 2010 MS I'm interested in has a build date of 12/18 from the sticker on the Door, I had the dealer reboot to see if the ICU and MCU both reset and they did. I can assume it has MCUv2. So i should be ok for a few years on the emmc chip. The car has basic autopilot. Can i purchase the FSD capability? I can't speak to anyone at Tesla to ask this.
  • Go to Tesla’s website and to their Used Inventory. Then for any vehicle listed, go to View Details. You can request a call back for a specific vehicle. Or you can start a Chat. You can purchase FSD, but you want to ask how much it will cost you today.
  • > @daniel5455 said:
    > I can't speak to anyone at Tesla to ask this.

    That should tell you something about the level of customer service this company provides.
  • @daniel5455, Can you post us a picture of that 2010 Tesla with a 12/18 build date? PLEASSSEEE ...
  • lol i cant edit my previous post. it was a 2018.
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