Customer Service Probems

About a month ago, I purchased a 2020 Model S from Tesla (VIN xxxx413084). I was assigned a time and date to arrive at the West Palm Beach service center to pick up the car. When I arrived, they had no record of me on the schedule. A manual error on their part, they claimed. Had to wait several hours while car and paperwork were prepped. Two weeks after driving the car off the lot, a message on the screen indicated a "camera problem that would affect auto pilot". I made an appointment for the car to be serviced at my home (took a week). Unfortuantely, the technician showed up with the wrong camera. He was able to get the correct camera later in the day and the problem was corrected. Two weeks later, the same error message appeared and a service call was scheduled thru the app (for today 10/29). I received an email confirmation for the appointment as well. Today, I noticed that the appointment was no longer shown on my app. I called the Tesla support line and they claimed that there was some internal problem that cancelled the appointment. So, I went back to square one and had to schedule a new appointment, one week from now. There is a problem at Tesla, but I'm unsure who to direct this to. I purchased my first Model S in 2017 and my experience was very different. This is bad.


  • “I'm unsure who to direct this to”

    You will need to contact Tesla as Tesla employees do not monitor this forum. Sounds like they made some mistakes. That’s unfortunate but it happens.
  • Sounds like a fairly typical Customer Service experience, I'm afraid.

    Also, there seems to be a rash of repeater camera failures of late. I believe they switched suppliers, so that may have something to do with it. Dunno. Everything is extremely opaque in the land of Tesla.
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