Model S


Car has been saying this on dash all day do u think local weather conditions disable autopilot or is my car just acting stupid


  • Hard to say. Are you in the middle of a hurricane or snow whiteout? Does your car have a layer of ash so thick you can't see through the windshield? Do you have a 3" thick layer of ice on the front bumper blocking the radar?

    If none of those conditions are occurring, the cameras are all clean, and the radar not blocked, I'd try a reset. Beyond that, if it continues, a service visit may be in your future.
  • I’ll take a look at my rear pointing cameras on the screen to see if the cameras are obscured or not. Sometimes a camera can be blinded by the sun or rearward headlights. Water accumulation is a common culprit in heavy rain. Car can still drive fine, but won’t auto lane change.
  • Ok day 3 of no cruise or autopilot after heavy rain i cleaned front sonar and cameras and I think the front sonar has gone bad being i have no visuals on my front screen
  • What visuals are you referring to?
  • Cars in front of you and lanes on dash
  • I think those use the camera more than the ultrasonic sensors. I've had those visualizations disappear on a couple of occasions, but I could still use Autopilot -- it was a bit disconcerting not seeing the lane lines and other cars. In my case a reboot fixed the issue.

    It sounds like you might have a hardware issue, so I suggest making a service appointment. On the rare occasion I've had Autopilot disable due to torrential rain, it came back on as soon as the weather improved a little. Most of the time Autopilot (Autosteer, not Navigate on Autopilot) stays on even in torrential rain, and sees the lane markers better than I can.
  • I’m assuming a reboot was performed.
  • Yes reboot redone twice . But no change but today was driving and turned into att store about my phone and well it came back on but only after I did a service appt app request hour later it started back working
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