Wall Charger - AMPs VS Breaker settings

Hey all - I only have a 100Amp panel, but feel like I could use 32A charging without going over 100 total.

That would be a 40Amp breaker that it calls for.

Now, lets say that the 32A charging is too much, and I set my charger down to 24A charging. Should I lower the breaker down to 30Amp?


  • Its going to depend on what other electrical appliances you have.
    You've got to subtract them all from the 100Amp.
    - Electric Dryer - 30 amps
    - Electric Stove - 30 - 50 amps
    - Air Conditioner - varies
    A electrician can do the computations to figure out what you can spare, if any.
  • First off most communities you will need a permit and inspections for the installation.

    You can check with a clamp on amp meter on each leg turn on everything. The highest value is the one you use for your limit.

    You can go higher than this when you have more stuff turned off, like at night you wouldn't be running the stove or as many lights.

    Keep the 40A breaker, wire for 45-50 amps then set your car charger so you don't overload the main, you can always shut down lights computers etc. if you need to charge faster.
  • No need to change the breaker. The breaker is sized for the gage wire in the wall, and the outlet type limits what you can plug in (so you don't exceed the wire gage and breaker size). You can always draw less than the breaker. For example your lights are probably on a 15 amp breaker. But a single LED light may only be drawing a fraction of amp.
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