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Buying NEW Tesla Model S from USA & Importing into Canada - Can I really save $10000 CDN ?

Hello friends,
I am trying to determine if I can secure my new Tesla Model S from USA and simply ship it to a Tesla location in Canada for conversion ? The difference is pricing less shipping is $10000 CDN . As long as shipping and conversion is less than $10000 CDN is this possible ?
I've placed two lengthy calls into Tesla with only a $100 transfer fee mentioned so far.


  • I'd check if Tesla will do the conversion. Countries work hard to make gray market cars (i.e. cars not brought in by the manufacturer) very hard. My guess is the price difference is taxes, and often a country has figured a way to collect it when you register it negating any savings.
  • Don't believe anything Tesla tells you, unless you get it in writing.
  • Why would Tesla let you do that when they already export cars to Canada?
  • Thanks for sharing. After exchange conversion purchase price excluding shipping is $10000 less for US car.
    $95000 + 12% tax CDN to export into Canada vs $105000 + 12% tax Canadian car.
    Both vehicles have 100% warranty in both regions and unknown costs is Tesla's conversion for region costs. I understand this is a long shot but RIV allows Tesla Model S to be imported now. Only started thinking this was viable option after Elon's price reduction to $69800 for new U.S. Model S.
  • Another concern - will they handle warranty work for a US car in Canada? I know a lot of carmakers can restrict warranty work to the region it is sold in. Worth asking so you know what you're getting into. Sounds like a hell of a discount!
  • Would be hard to find again. But a few years ago there was a thread and posts here of a discussion about an owner transferring for his job from U.S. to Canada and wanted the same type conversion to Canada standards. He complained because Tesla Canada refused to touch the U.S. car. Their answer was sell it and buy again. He said, they said it was too complicated and they were not equipped to deal with working through the differences to make it compliant.
  • All Tesla's warranty is valid in region. Region for U.S. & Canada is the same therefore valid on both sides of border. All Tesla's made for Canada have conversions completed once they land in country by Tesla store closest to that market ie. Toronto, Montreal, Calgary or Vancouver. Tesla must complete conversion otherwise RIV would not have them on it's admissibility list. Simply trying to find out cost of conversion as Tesla has said on TWO separate phone calls that they can do conversion. Assistance is greatly appreciated.
  • *** Important to note my original call to Tesla I provided them a 2019 Model S vin# from UTAH as a trial vehicle. Tesla employee only mentioned $100 TRANSFER FEE. Thoughts ?
  • Seems like $100 is too cheap. My guess at what is required:

    1) Upload Candian software (ok, no real cost)
    2) Update all labels on the car to be French/English and metric.
    3) Perhaps change the SIM to work on Rogers or another Candian network. This may require removing MCU1 and some disassembly. If needed there is no way this could be done for $100.
    4) Transfer title (this may be what the $100 cost covers).

    I had hoped someone else who had gone through the process would have chimed in and would know for sure.
  • That's good news for you spaceman. I hope its all accurate and works out for you.
  • Is it really only 12% tax to import into Canada? I thought it was much higher. As for warranty work I can confirm I got the Montreal SC to do warranty work on my US Tesla without any issues.
  • Sorry to bring this back from the dead, but I found more information on this!

    A friend of mine recently imported a BMW from the US, and mentioned that if the vehicle is built in North America you don’t have to pay any import fees like you would on, for example, a BMW (made in Germany).

    That being said, the process would be something like this:

    - Order from Tesla in the US
    - Contact insurance to get a quote or start a new policy
    - Travel to the US pick up the vehicle and all the paperwork. You do not pay state OR US taxes as the vehicle will not be registered in the US.
    - When you arrive at the border, you would pay the 13% tax on the vehicle, licensing fees, and other document processing fees.
    - You would be able to drive the vehicle UNPLATED directly home, or alternatively, if you have a US plate you could put those on to save you the trouble from police. (Confirmed this is acceptable with proper documentation, and must go directly home)
    - You would then contact insurance, finalize policy.
    - Go to MTO and pick up the plates (you’ve already paid licensing fees at the border so you just show proper documentation and you should be good).
    - Enjoy your Tesla and the extra 10k in the bank.

    Again, this is the process my friend went through, with the exception of having to pay an Import Fee because the vehicle was built in Germany.

    I also would assume, Now, with more Tesla SC’s that a US Tesla in Canada could still be serviced as normal.

    Oh and the vehicle has to be paid in full, and cannot hold a lien on it.
  • I always wondered about whether you would get updates due to international roaming fees.
  • I can confirm that you do get updates, at least when on wifi. And that you can get service in Canada on your US Tesla.
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