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cannot get data from grid anymore after disconnecting inverters and reconnecting

I'm having issues with my system. Any advice would be appreciated.

Quick background: having siding installed on my house's exterior. Had a 3rd party electrician disconnect and remove/replace the inverter boxes from the outside of my house (filled out appropriate paperwork through Tesla Portal). Then, we had a natural gas generator installed and connected to our main electrical system. The Tesla solar connections to our main electric had to be removed because they were reportedly not up to code as they had been "spliced" in to the main electrical input with "bug clamps" instead of being run into separate circuits on our panel. This was reconnected to open circuits in our main electric panel, and I turned the inverters back on.

It has been cloudy/rainy for the week or so since I turned it back on, but the solar seems to be generating fine. However, I am not getting any data on my usage from the electric grid (the grid icon is dark on the lower left hand corner of the app screen). The Tesla App is saying that I am 100% solar, which I know is not correct b/c even at night we have power (and no PowerWall). Normally, we ran about 40% solar before this project. I've asked the electricians and they said that everything is hooked up properly. Occasionally, the Tesla App will have 0.1 kW coming from the Grid, but it will go away after not too long. I've reset the Gateway multiple times. I reached out to Tesla but they have not been helpful--just gave me a link on how to use the app which I had been using for > 1.5 years with our system.

Help! Thanks!


  • As every system is different, it's hard to give remote advice. My guess is the wiring changes have bypassed the current sensors that go to the gateway. There are two installed in the transfer switch inside the gateway box. Normally all of the house power goes through this transfer switch and all would be good. I'm guessing, but it sounds like with the rewiring, not all power goes through the Tesla transfer switch, or perhaps none of the power?

    Have you tested that the Powerwalls are charging from solar (you can see the green lights on the sides of the PWs). Have you tried killing the main power and seeing that the house runs from Solar and Powerwalls (a day and night test)? If all this works, it means the power wiring is ok.

    It may be necessary to get two more CT (current sensors) and place them closer to the main power and not use the two CTs inside the transfer switch. I had this done to my house, as I have my HVAC on the grid side as I didn't want it powered by the Powerwalls in the event of a power failure.

    I expect you may need Tesla to come out and sort it all out.
  • If you look closely, Chennups wrote in the second paragraph "(and no Powerwall)". This likely means they have a Powerblaster as part of their solar PV install.

    If this is the case, it's possible that the Powerblaster's breaker was removed and/or damaged or its CTs were broken or disconnected, due to all of the e-panel work. I'm not terribly familiar with Powerblasters, or specifically how they are connected. Perhaps someone else can speak up with some possibilities to look for?
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