1st body shop visit, has this happened to you?

Picked up my Tesla Model 3 in January of this year, Due to the Pandemic we have not taken any long trips with it (lost half of 1,000 referral miles because apparently you only have eight months to use them.) but that's another issue. about two weeks ago while the car was parked at my wife's job the car was backed into by a maintenance truck. There was relatively minor damage to the bumper and trunk lid. called Tesla in Rocklin, Ca where I bought the car and they referred me to an approved body shop "Knielsens" Collission center in Natomas California. I picked up the car two days ago and when I got home I noticed a barely visible scratch on the drivers side rear quaterpanel relatively close to where they performed the work that looked like it had been painted over. I took the car back to "Knielsens" and questioned them about the scratch. Their response was that they were not responsible for that scratch since there was no damage or work done by them to that quaterpanel. Manager told me that using my car's vin number he had checked to see if the car had been repaired previously at another Tesla approved body shop. I told him that I had just gotten the car in January and that this was the first time I needed body shop work. He related that it made sense since he was not able to find any information using the car's vin number he proceeded to give an explanation referring to the scratch which I asked that he put in writing via an email.....Direct quote from his email
" Good morning Mr. Uribe

Thank you for your time this morning. The paint on your passenger quarter panel has a chip that looks to have been touched up and had material applied over it. Around the chip if you look at the panel from an angle you will notice what are known as sand scratches around the area. These can be caused by a Dual action sander also known as a DA. We believe that your quarter panel may have been repaired and painted and that the sand scratches are in the material on the panel. I have checked all of our locations using your VIN to see if we had repaired your vehicle. I did not find and repair orders with your VIN. If Tesla dose not have record of a repair performed to the panel and you would like to have it addressed please let us know. I have instructed Joe to write you an estimate at discounted rates to address the issue if you need to pay out of pocket. If you have any questions or concerns please give me a call. Thank you again for your time and I hope you have a good rest of your day."

Today, I reached out to Tesla in Rocklin Ca, they had me on hold for about a half hour to then tell me that the delivery manager was busy and could not take my call and asked for my call back info. I really enjoy my Model 3, and I don't regret buying it overall Tesla makes really good cars. Having said that I don't expect much of a response if any at all from Tesla, customer service is not their strong suit.

I will post any updates for the benefit of others in this forum.


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