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Super Chargers down

Has anyone planned a trip and when they got to a SC bay many of them were not working? What’s the best plan of action when this happens?


  • Try another pedestal.
  • It’s uncommon for many but not all supercharging stations to be down.

    On a road trip in 2016, I stopped to charge in Newark DE and discovered all the superchargers were down. There were a couple of J1772 chargers In the same service plaza, so I had to charge for almost 4 hours to get enough range to safely make it to the next supercharger about 100 miles away. Fortunately there are more supercharging options today so I wouldn’t have to go as far if something like that happened again.
  • EVRider, I remember that time in Newark. I was on my way back from FL. The transformer itself had no power on its meter. So it wasn’t a matter of there being an issue with the chargers themselves.
  • @jordanrichard_629778 - I was on my way back to FL, so I guess we crossed paths. 🙂

    What made matters worse was that my car didn't know the superchargers were out, and apparently Tesla didn't know either when I called to report it. I could have charged longer at my previous stop if I had known I needed to.

    From what I recall, this was a brand new supercharger installation. I believe I stopped at the same plaza on the trip north, and there were only a few superchargers in a different area of the parking lot.
  • Yes, the original 4 stalls were right across from the side entrance (on the south bound side) to the building. They subsequently got rid of those 4 to expanded to 12 in their present location.
  • Tesla tries to keep us informed about Supercharger outages via the touchscreen. The best plan of action is to check the ones you plan on using prior to departure. Another good source of info is Plugshare which I have found to be more real time. Saved my bacon earlier this year when I planned on charging at the Tacna, AZ Supercharger. Charged in Yuma instead.
  • In Wytheville VA last fall I plugged in, walked to a restaurant, and just had my coffee poured when the lights went out. Then I got a text from the car that the power had gone out. A main transformer had blown, taking out at least the superchargers, restaurant, and two hotels. Fortunately the fast part of the charge cycle had added enough power that I could get to the next supercharger comfortably. Neither Tesla nor prechecking can take care of all possibilities.

    If you check a supercharger from the car touchscreen (when close enough) will you get an accurate reading at the time you make that check? I did check the alternate that I was going to, but wish I had checked the one that had gone out to see what it said.
  • Only happened to me once in 7 years. I got to Allentown and the police and fire department had closed off the entire shopping center. Someone hit a gas pipe. Gas company turned off the gas. Power company was clipping the wires at the pole when I was there to minimize the chance of a spark in the building.

    Fortunately I had enough charge to get to the next supercharger.
  • Just to add to tes-s's comments. With the current density of superchargers, finding another charger is easy. Back when tes-s and I got our cars, 2013/2014 respectfully, here in New England there were a total of only 3 superchargers. Today here in CT alone, there are some 19 locations.
  • Tesla does not maintain Superchargers well but if you plan your trip and charge with enough range to skip one if needed you should be fine. It’s common for some stalls to be down but when they all go down, Tesla usually gets on that quickly so mostly you might be dealing with a wait for working stalls. Finding a SC totally down and not enough range to reach another is somewhat rare.
  • I've supercharged thousands of times. The only time I could not charge was when there was a local power outage. Happened in Mexico right after I had charged due to lightning. Happened after a lightning storm in Montana. All power was out, even at the gas station where the chargers are located. Just slept there overnight and charged when power was back up. The vast majority of superchargers are not close to another one, and searching for Level 1 and 2 chargers is now part of NAV and shows local options. A power outage may not be reflected as a downed charger onscreen, especially if communications are affected. "Reduced Service" warnings are usually indicative of some chargers still working. "Temporary closure" messaging usually means the entire site is down, but there are exceptions.
  • Two Supercharging stations down in one day how often does this happen?
    First in Carlisle PA then Moosic PA
    I’m new to Tesla my first trip and a bit disappointed
  • The entire station was down? It should have been evident on Nav as either reduced service or unavailable.
    Can’t say I’ve seen that in thousands of charges.
  • > @Dav1413 said:
    > Two Supercharging stations down in one day how often does this happen?
    > First in Carlisle PA then Moosic PA
    > I’m new to Tesla my first trip and a bit disappointed

    Did you actually get to the stations and find all of them not working or un-powered or did the Nav just say they were down? Sometimes communication problems will make it look to the Tesla system they are down when they are not.
  • Neither location shows any issues on Plugshare.
  • > @Bighorn said:
    > Neither location shows any issues on Plugshare.

    Or TMC.
  • I've had a few dead chargers, but never a complete site outage. I'm sure it happens. BTW: Save the next guy the hassle, put the handle on the ground!

    A little over a year ago when there was a big threat of fires (with the attendant power cutoffs expected), Tesla parked a tractor/trailer sized battery ringed with chargers at the Madonna site. I was very impressed at their dedication to keeping their customers moving.

    I have yet to successfully get a charge at a non-Tesla site. Broken handles, dead chargers, no power, ICEd. Whatever the reason, something was in the way. I've basically given up. I like the Rivian SUV, but I'm not going to give up the Tesla charging infrastructure.
  • I'd say the Tesla SuC reliability plus having instant access to stall status is unsurpassed, no one else comes close. A real "Moat" that no other competitor has a chance of matching for years.
  • I've had a instance where I had 34 miles left and went to the charging station which was down maintainance was there repairing it or they looked unsure what was wrong.

    Something about they was slow slow charging I waited around and they tried it on my car and only getting 15kw .
  • This is less likely to happen with Tesla, as with the trip planner you can look at the other SuC's and will show outages, as well as reduced power and of course stalls available.

    You should always have a backup charger in range for road closures and such.
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