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Suggestions for Improvements to the Tesla App for Cars and Solar Roof

We recently went 100% tesla for our Solar Roof v3, Powerwall and Model Y car. The app is great, but i feel that it can be improved with the following changes.

1) Enable the ability to drill down into the Solar Generation to see the production for each Inverter, and then down into each inverter to see individual strings of solar panels production.

2) Enable the ability to see Tesla Vehicles as one of the items on the list for Energy Usage, currently is shows Home Usage, Solar Generation, Powerwall usage, and Grid usage. If you can add a 5th icon and show how much electricity was used to recharge the car(s), that would be great.

3) Enable the ability under the Home Icon to see home appliances and add them to the list, and show usage by each appliance. Similar to what the app does.

Thats what i have so far, after a couple months of my new Electric Life with Tesla. I hope this gets some traction.


  • Good ideas! On #3, while some guesswork may determine an appliance's power, if two or more take similar amounts of power, there is no easy way to tell them apart.
  • IIRC, the Sense system uses multiple pieces of data to find and identify power-using appliance: amount of power used, duration of usage, and intermittency of the draw. Most big loads like refrigerators, EVs and AC units have pretty distinctive load patterns, and Sense excels at finding those automatically. Other regular loads can then be found by Sense, and the user can manually identify them in the app.

    Implementing something like what Sense does would be wonderful. All the sensing hardware (CTs) are in place, but the software effort would be significant. IMO, I wouldn't expect to see anything like that from Tesla Energy any time soon.
  • Well, wouldn't just being able to capture how much electricity is used by each Circuit in the Main Panel be sufficient. I mean that would give me a pretty good idea, since most of my large appliance have their own breaker. I think that would be a good solution, even if it can be specific to which item on a circuit is being used.
  • Each circuit would then need its own CT and corresponding hardware sensor. it's absolutely do-able, but would likely be very expensive. It's much cheaper to have two CTs (one on each leg of the 240V feed), then use software intelligence to determine what's what, which is what Sense does, at a more "reasonable" price point.
  • Interestingly Neurio offered the same feature (two CTs, with software intelligence to detect appliances). Turns out Tesla uses the Neurio hardware in the gateway! I have a separate Neurio power monitor but never bought the extra-cost software for appliance monitoring as I wasn't sure how well it could work. Neurio was bought by Genrerac, and it's hard to find any info on the product anymore.
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