Solar Panels

Referral Program (double-dipping)

I use my referral code (which I was told was okay to do) to purchase Tesla Solar Panels on June 10, 2020. The Referral program at that time states that the referrer will received $250.00 and the buyer will received $250.00. When I talk to Tesla service rep’s. To clarify that I can collect both the referrer ($250) and buyer ($250) referral program money (total $500). The Tesla service rep’s told me that yes you can double-dip totaling $500.00. Tesla buyer’s do it all the time. So why can’t you!

I am now being told that they let nobody double dip at this point in time. Is this true for other Tesla owners out there? If so explain? Thank you Tesla family. My referral time frame was between January 17, 2020 and July 14, 2020.


  • I have have heard that both are true seems no one actually knows. I used my own code to buy our MY pickup is next week so I guess I will soon know for sure.
  • I have existing Tesla panels with a 20 year prepaid lease paid for by the house builder when the house was built. All the homes in my community have the same prepaid lease panels. When I went to add more Tesla panels and a PW, on my dime, my Tesla advisor was able to generate a self-referral code that I could use on my new order. I will receive a $400 referral payment.
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