FSD Price Incorrect On Preorder

Did anyone else preorder the Cybertruck before the price hike of FSD to lock it in and now your preorder shows your price at the $10,000?


  • Yes everyone has been noticing that. While i cannot be sure, just make sure you kept your reservation email because if the date we reserved does not reflect the FSD price we will pay i dont understand why there is the statement to lock in FSD now to avoid paying increases in the future.

    I just have a hunch that when you edit your design, its showing you CURRENT pricing info, and not what you will see.
  • This is why I came here and I too hope the FSD is actually locked in when you make the reservation. I did mine at $7000 and if I click edit it shows FSD at $10,000. I made sure to click the button to not make any updates but it'd be nice if you could see your projected costs on your reservation.
  • I'm sure it will show correctly on the MVPA when the time comes. long as the lock in statement stays put.
  • If you edit your order you would be expected to pay the new price.
  • From the order pre-order agreement: "If you make changes to the configuration of the Vehicle, you may be subject to potential price increases for any pricing adjustments made since your original Pre-Order Date."
  • > @"wraithfive.fa_98039044" said:
    > If you edit your order you would be expected to pay the new price.

    That may not be the case. See the word "may" in the quote in your second post.

    It sounds like if you change from dual motor to tri motor for example, you may have to pay the newer price for the tri motor if that price has changed. However, they may elect to leave your FSD at the price that you locked in at.

    All speculation until they start taking orders. Best bet is to leave the pre-order as is and discuss making changes with the SA when the time comes to place the actual order.
  • If you modify your order then the FSD would adjust to the current rate. That is why I preordered both the Tri-Motor and Dual Motor Variant prior to the price increase from 7K to 8K locking in the 7K figure. This gives me the flexibility to look at both options when I make my final decision. Now if you was to say make an configuration change to your reservation then you would likely have to pay the increased price of FSD.
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