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Solar PPA billing rate review -- no customer support

When I entered into my power purchase agreement (PPA) with Solar City ~5 years ago, aside from going green, it was based on the premise that I'd be paying LESS for solar energy than from PG&E. This has turned out to be NOT TRUE, I'm paying Tesla MORE for electricity than I would be paying PG&E. I called Telsa Energy Customer Support back in August requesting a rate review -- nothing has happened, I've called them back four (4) times and each time the promised call-back didn't happen. I have suspended payments to them but I don't know what other leverage I have. Any recommendation? Call the BBB? Call the California Energy Commission? Start a Twitter rant at Elon? Any ideas would be appreciated.


  • "Suspending payment" is a bad idea. Tesla can trash your credit rating for non-payment of a contractual obligation.

    Question: If the rate you were paying Tesla was so bad, why did you agree to, and sign the contract?
  • I'm in the same boat with a Solar City PPA. I try to look at it as I'm still not out the cost of the system so paying a bit more for the power that is being produced cleanly is still better for now. I probably should think about just buying out my system but the contract says the cost to do that will be determined by an independent appraiser for fair market value at the time and not sure I want to know that figure yet or who that would be doing it. The lower my grid power cost goes, the longer my ROI would be if I buy it out so it not as simple as it may seem.
  • Solar PV prices have dropped like a rock in the last few years, so the current value of your system should reflect that. It could be a good deal to buy it out.
  • > @gregbrew_98470014 said:
    > Solar PV prices have dropped like a rock in the last few years, so the current value of your system should reflect that. It could be a good deal to buy it out.

    I called to inquire how it would work right before my 5-year anniversary of having my system and they seemed clueless. I thought they might contact me after the date had passed but I guess not so I reread that part and it sounds like I have the option to request it then and every year after that. Not really clear on how that works but will check into it when other things are less pressing in our current lives. If anyone has gone thru the process and has more info on how to proceed, I'd be happy to hear it.
  • I highly recommend that if you can swing your own financing, to purchase the system asap. Having a leased system on the roof is a major stumbling block to a home sale. Many buyers will just walk away, rather than attempt to go through the solar lease-assumption process. Talk to a real-estate agent. Horror stories abound on these fora as well.
  • That is excellent advice and makes perfect sense. In my case, I plan to never move or at least anytime soon. I do plan to purchase my system but how soon is yet to be determined. I have enough money to purchase it outright so financing isn't a consideration but at this point, I'm not involved enough in the process to figure my ROI and if I want to spend money I can make more in other investments.
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