Solar Roof

Do you have detailed photos of the tiles and install hardware?

My architect is working on designs for my new residence, where a Tesla Roof is specified. They called and asked Tesla support to provide dimensional drawings of the tiles and mounting hardware so that they could estimate the thickness of the tile layer above the substrate.

The answer from Tesla support was that dimensions were proprietary information, and could not be shared with architects (what...?)

If you have a tile and plastic mounting hardware, would it be possible to post a bunch of photos next to a tape measure so the architecs could estimate the dimensions?


  • I caution you about depending on a Tesla solar roof as a time-critical part of a larger build or remodel. Logistics could be a problem. Reliable scheduling and/or regular company contact has not been among Tesla's strong suits, of late, if comments on this forum are any indication.
  • Fair point; I don't mind the wait.
  • From our recent V3 install i estimate:

    1) panel (glass glued to plastic) approx 3/8" thick

    2) air gap beneath panels once mounted approx 3/4"

    So estimated distance from top of epdm cladding "substrate" to top of panel = approx 1 1/8"
  • Thank you very much for this data. How many plastic pedestals do they install along the top and bottom ridges of one tile?
  • I don't see an obvious way to share photos on this forum so therefore I will attempt a clear verbal description.

    4 top mounts for each full length panel, and then the bottom edge shares the mounts from the course below.

    The leftmost and rightmost top mounts are shared with the horizontally adjoined panels. Therefore depending how to want to look at it it may be more technically correct to say 3 mounts per full length panel.

    Our panel install went left to right. On the leftmost side of each panel a small hook was installed that secures the left top onto the shared mount.

    On the lower bottom edge of each panel are 3 spring-tensioned metal clips that clip into the "top" mounts of the panel course below.

    Hopefully this makes some useful sense.
  • pictures:
  • I made a time-lapse video of the installation with other details here:

    These tiles are really strong. I've walked all over the roof, and even slipped and fell onto tiles (they are slippery) and didn't break one. Note that they have different widths, which they use as they get to an edge. As they get to the very edge or valley, they use a metal that is formed to look like a glass tile. From 20 feet you can't tell the metal from the glass. Full tiles are 45” x 15”.
  • This is great! I'll share our BIM objects and dimensional drawings when done.

    What's the distance from lower edge of the tile and the spring-loaded metal clip on the back side?

    How many inches is top/bottom tile overlap?
    > @gtr987 said:
    > pictures:
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