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Anyone else still stuck on 2020.36.3.1?

I have a 2017 MS75 and have not received an update in well over 10 weeks. My wife’s X 100 has received 11 updates during these 10-12 weeks. Just checking.


  • I have been stuck on 36.11 for a couple months. I "set up a service appointment" for a software update and they pushed one to me. It was 36.11 again. I said I've heard that 40 and 44 are out, to which they said that for my specific config (8/2017 S100D with every upgrade except for 21" wheels), that was the latest software.
  • Currently on 2020.44 (2019 Performance Raven)
  • Got my used 2016 Oct 29th and got update to 36.11 when I got home.
  • 2016 S85D, still on 2020.36.3.1
  • 2015 S85D, also still 2020.36.3.1
  • Same as above, but cancelling updates since 2020.20.1
  • I just got a notification for 2020.36.11 being available. Any reason to or not to update?
    Currently on 2020.36.3.1
  • Nothing much on the other board, thread titled life after 50.6, except phantom notifications for windows down.

    I'd ask myself, if MCU1 on orig chip, if I felt lucky...
  • I searched TMC and didn't see many bad reports other than many [people having this update hang on installation. I had my MCU1 replaced in March (the whole thing, but the daughterboard was invented and on backorder). For now, think I'll just dismiss the prompts, as there will probably be another update soon. Odd that this one just showed up after a hiatus of about 2 months from its original push and many newer realses since then.
  • but=before
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