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Model Y Wireless charging not working

My Y just arrived. I am enjoying it. Perhaps this is something I have yet to understand but it appears that the wireless (inductive) phone charger is not working. This seems to be 'not an uncommon' observation as there are several posts elsewhere and a couple of YouTubes about this.

The Y has two USB female ports in the front center console area. It's quite dark there but I just explored the area and it has one USB-C and one USB-A female port.

I won't bother with the troubleshooting details here but suffice it to say that the charging panel that is plugged into the USB-C port is non-functional as an inductive charger for any of 4 phones I have tried on the device. These phones *do* work on my home office inductive charge. In addition, I have pulled the device as shown from the vehicle and plugged it into a known working USB-C power adapter and it does not function. I then put my Galaxy-8 phone (USB-C to USB-C) into my vehicle's USB-C port to note that it is indeed energized and charges my phone per wire.

Comments, suggestions, further trouble shooting?

Here is a link to some photos of the parts involved.


  • Do your phones have cases on them?
  • Sounds like a bad inductive charger. One other test you might make is if you have a USB-A to USB-C adapter, you could try to plug it into the USB-A port. My guess is the charger is bad and Tesla will replace it under warranty.
  • Thanks for the comments.
    Have not tried the USB-A port but have verified that C-C cable in the Tesla C port charges the phone well - so the C port is active.
    Yes cases on phones but doesn't make a difference. Tried both ways.
    I have this charger that works on all the phones btw.
    I'll drive by the service center today in Dallas where I picked up the vehicle two days ago. Perhaps I can just grab a new one from them. Seems to be a common problem.
  • Someone with a big Samsung phone posted that the charging mat didn’t work for him on an AZ Tesla page. It was a large phone, but smaller ones worked. I don’t suppose you have 4 LARGE phones?

    Could that be it?
  • That brings up another idea. Try rotating the phone so it's upside down (with the display side still outward facing). The inductive charging coils are not always centered and the phone's coils are not always centered either. It may be the two don't align up. If it works upside down, then the charger is working and a new one is not going to help. Now my first guess is the Tesla charger is defective but perhaps worth doing this test.
  • Mine on my MY was not working, car is 3 weeks old. I updated my iPhone software and it worked just fine after.
  • Problem solved - The charging pad that Tesla specs with their model Y is just super weak.

    Perhaps it is because it has two charging spots and the throttled the power to the coil, IDK.

    I took the pad to the service center. An employee very kindly did some trouble shooting on it. He said it worked on his phone. We took it to my car and it did work with his phone but only if placed in a very precise spot. Did not work on mine. I took off the case (as I had done before) and only in one very precise spot did it work and moving it shuts it off. I later tried again with spacing between the phone and charging pad. The pad only tolerated 1/16" of spacing between the phone and pad using sheets of paper as a spacer. My cover is 3/32" thick. I then tried with my home Yootech charger that charges all my phones in the last several years with any cover. It activates the phone at 1/4" *with* the case on! That is 11/32" away, over 5x what the tesla charger will tolerate.
    In addition, the charge rate of the Tesla charger indicated that it would take 3+ hrs to charge my phone from 72% charge while my home wireless charger indicated 42 minutes. Thus confirming its underpowered state.

    Summary - the Tesla model Y charger is terribly weak. This leads to the impression that it is not functional. It may not charge with a case. Even without the case, the phone will take several seconds to acknowledge the wireless charge, unlike a higher powered charging pad which results in an immediate beep for wireless charging.

    Tesla should find another wireless charging pad.

    I may x-ray my pad to find out where the coil is and cut it apart from the back and put in parts from my other charger. Will update you. It will be a good youtube tutorial.
  • How about attaching the apple MagSafe charger to the pad with double sided tape? I am concerned with too much heat build up doing that but I’m not sure. My thought is that the tape would insulate the one charger from the other.
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