Tesla Tiny Home/ Home Construction

Any news on Tesla tiny homes, or plan for smart home construction? I live in an area with a severe housing shortage and a large parcel of land just came on the market, very rare here, huge opportunity. Being a crazy everything Tesla fan, I think a Tesla tiny home community is a perfect solution. It is zoned Parks and Rec, but the community is pushing for affordable housing. It's time to start building smart! Wish I could get a hold of someone on the Tesla Team, thoughts?


  • Not likely. However, they would probably be interested in providing powerwalls / solar.
  • Not an answer to your question, just a remark on the sidelines.

    An interesting idea could be to use the car battery as a buffer for solar energy.

    Current Tesla cars cannot provide electric power, except for a tiny little bit through the 12 V cigarette lighter socket. But I have read that plans for the future include two-way charging connections.
  • Building a tiny home is child's play compared with building an safety-certified (aka fully homologated) automobile. Any builder can do so and there are plenty of plans available on the internet.
    This does not seem worthy of the ace team of engineers and designers whom Tesla has amassed.
    However, I'm sure that if the OP or someone else were to start the tiny home project, Tesla would be more than happy to sell power walls and rooftop solar or tiles to handle the energy needs. Assuming they are well insulated, designed appropriately, and probably with PV covered carports/patios, it might be possible for these to be completely off-grid. With gray water and good black water processing they might not need sewer connection and, depending on the amount of rainfall, may not even need a water connection from the city. Totally self-sufficient.
  • They already exist.

    Look at the off grid options.
  • While a logical offshoot/subsidiary for future consideration, for the time being I think that the folks at Tesla, Inc., SpaceX, The Boring Company and Neuralink, as well as Elon himself in particular, have their hands quite full as it is.

    Perhaps once there is some stability in production numbers and sales Musk can look into undertaking a new venture to further expand on the core services of Tesla, Inc.
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