Minor tweaks? 5% size reduction?

Elon Musk tweeted that some minor changes were going to be made on the Cybertruck. I have read that there will be a 5% size reduction to fit in a garage, any other tweaks known yet? Some official info coming soon I hope!


  • As far as I'm aware after Elon had spoke with the design team he said it would stay the same size. If it doesn't fit in the garage I'd say you need a bigger garage? I could be wrong though.
  • Last I read that even a 3% decrease was too much. He said the next reveal before Christmas will be cosmetic and functional changes.
  • As stated above, the tweaks will mostly be feature enhancements. Elon has tweeted a lot with owners and has expressed openness to add functionality suggested by others.
    He talked about making it a bit smaller on Leno's garage, and then a couple of weeks later said that the truck would remain the same size. The articles that still say it will be 5% smaller are written for clickbait by lazy writers who did a quick Google search and then wrote an article.
  • Size is not changing. Latest confirmation is dimensions cannot be altered. About a month until updates.
  • > @andy_connor_e said:
    > Size is not changing. Latest confirmation is dimensions cannot be altered. About a month until updates.

    How do you know that for a fact, Andy? A 5% reduction in size would allow for it to fit in more garages and to be parked more easily.
  • The latest information that we've been given from Elon is that he met with Franz and the design team and even 3% smaller is too small, and will pretty much be the size of the cybertruck we saw at the unveil.

    The: it not fitting in a garage problem, is something that the consumer will need to figure out.
  • The Cybertruck is 19' 4" long, 6' 8" wide, and, 6' 3" tall.

    A standard 2 1/2 stall garage is 24' x 24'. Doors are typically 7' or 8' tall.

    Pretty sure I could fit it in my 16' x 20' shed out back let alone the garage.
  • And that's exactly the size of my current 2003 F-150 Super Cab. Not a small truck, but not a crazy large one either. Europe and other markets will likely someday get the "Wolverine" smaller version, but the US market will have this one, which despite it's appearance, is typical of a full size pickup.
  • This is the first time I'm hearing about the functionality changes. My fingers are seriously crossed for a Gooseneck hitch! 😃
  • I think some of the sizing concerns were outside the USA in some countries where Tesla may not sell the Cybertruck. There was major pushback in some places in Europe over the Model S, so going 5% smaller would do nothing for those with tiny garages. I agreed the Cybertruck is large and is part of the charm. It's also large to house enough batteries to get that 500-mile range - perhaps as much as 200 kWh!

    My expectation is a smaller Cybertruck may be offered a year or two after the Cybertruck ships. It would be smaller in every dimension, perhaps targeted more for Europe and Asia. How about a working title: "CyberLight"!
  • I have to imagine the battery is going to be that large. The vehicle is going to be really heavy. Also having that much battery size with bi-directional charging and onboard outlets will be ridiculously handy.
  • I wouldn't be astonished if one of the last minute surprises was the range being actually closer to 600 miles (tri-motor) with the new battery cells and the size of the pack. Maybe not announce it in December, but closer to the configuration timeline.
  • @Whdame

    There is a reason the range was listed as 500+, 300+, 250+
  • Yeah, but 500+ could be 520.
  • its still more.
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