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Need Help with Large Dog in 2021 MX

Hello All,
I have a 120 lb bernese mountain dog and just received delivery of my MX. I'm wondering what hacks other dog owners are doing to manage travel with their dogs while keeping their vehicles as safe and clean as possible.
We have a 7 seater and ideally would like to fold the back row seats down and convert that area for our dog.
Does anyone have any recommendations / comments for the following?
1.) A protective covering ideas for the third and second row.
2.) A barrier (mesh?) to contain the dog in the third row area
3.) How are owners dealing with big dogs and the angled ceilings - how are your large dogs able to sit up?

We have a second small suv and he goes with us in that all the time - but the design of the mx is more challenging - I'm having difficulty finding straightforward solutions.

Thank you for your help!


  • Hi kiranrao
    We have a 5 seat 2020 MX LR and have two large xbreeds approx 90lb each. We moved from a Vovlo XC90 and so were used to a very large boot with plenty of head room. The sloped roof does affect them but they can easily sit up and put their heads over the back seat (with a towel draped over to stop drool!). We're in the UK and have a boot liner tailored for the MX which works very well for the interior and you can get a second row seat cover/loadlip flap etc etc. I assume it would work just as well for your 7 seat configuration. We don't use a physical barrier (but I know there are some available) specifically because it then cuts down on the available space at the highest point of the roof and stops them resting their heads whilst sitting (although second row passengers need coats or a strong constitution!). Hope that helps.
  • Hi Kiranrao - Our 50 lbs. Vizsla is not quite that large so take this for what it is worth. We have been successful with a sling by Orvis, the best one we have found, after owning others. Note: we have the 5 passenger X and the sling sits nicely around the headrests (adjustable) and very nice 'gripper' devices to tuck between the back and seat cushion. It also has a flap on each side to protect the entry points at the doors. No issues with her coming forward. The toughest part with Falcon Doors was preventing her from sneaking out when they started to open, she learned quickly to stay, and no longer an issue. Good luck.
  • I have a related question: @MX_VINcent if you don't mind me asking: I have an Irish Wolfhound and am currently looking at buying a Model X, but haven't been able to view one in the flesh. Two questions: would you think the boot would be large enough (I'd be getting a five seater) and is it possible for a dog to gain access through the falcon doors with the back seat tipped forward? Many thanks in advance.
  • My Goldens always want to come forward. Found simply leashing them keeps them in the back where they belong.
    The X has a flat floor. The panels making the floor flat can be easily removed and there is a large basememt underneath that my dogs found appealing. That is where they would stay and seemed very peaceful back there.
    I kept a moving blanket in the rear and would fold it over the entry edge, giving the dogs a soft place to step in and out. Protected it from nail scratches at the same time.
    My Model X was far better at hauling dogs than my previous Grand Cherokees. For some reason the electric drive seemed to calm them.
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