Model X

Right door pillar camera getting fogged up in cold weather

We live in Park City, UT. Winter has arrived, temps have dropped. Quite often in the morning, I get a message saying the right door pillar camera is blocked or blinded. I can't wipe it off from the outside of the door, because it's fogged up inside the camera housing. I've tried running both the hot and cold defrost and adjusting the temp in the cabin, but that doesn't seem to have any effect. Should I take it in for service? I don't use AP much in the winter anyhow, but it's irritating to see that warning all the time.


  • Take it into service. From others, It can be fixed.
  • Same problem on my MY. Service advised me it was not a sealed unit and was normal under certain conditions. They changed the unit once before but this second time they told me basically that’s the way it is especially on chillier days when you first leave your garage
  • same here in CT, went away when warmed up.
  • I am having both left and right door pillars camera fogged. Biggest bugger is continuous notification, that is a distraction.
  • Another suggestion - pre-heat the car before you get in. It's a cool feature that might solve the problem as well.
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