what time will it be delivery?

How long will it take ?


  • 30 seconds if you want touch less delivery
  • Depends on whether you clicked on the teleport delivery option.
  • It's anyone's guess, but with the Gigafactory going up in Austin, best case is late 2021 (this time next year) before folks start firming up their orders.
  • delivery in early 2022-ish.
  • My reservation number 250k down the line is estimated Dec 22
  • I doubt any significant production volume will be reached until 2022
  • I thought the reservation numbers / sequence didn't really matter when they're going to produce certain vehicles at certain times. Hence, if I ordered a tri-motor 6 months after the reservations opened, it would still be produced before somebody that ordered a single motor on day three.
  • that is true, and tri-motor will be made first, and since all orders are about 45/45/10 split tri/dual/single motor versions, being 160k in line like myself i could be the 80k'th person to take delivery.
  • How do you finger that out Andy so I can try and check mine?
  • *Figure* .... oops, LOL.
  • What.

    I'm over 1,300,000

    I didn't even put it in the sheet because I figured the date would be so far off I would be dead.

    That's probably 2024 as an early guess for tri-motor with my reservation number.
  • Thats kind of insane.
  • > @andy_connor_e said:
    > Thats kind of insane.

    I guess it is. But, like nobody knows, how many people are going to cancel reservations once the configurator comes up and you see how much more money you can add to the truck, they decided they actually don't want the truck, or they can't afford it because of life changes over the time, or even just put a reservation in at the beginning to save a spot. Plus with a tri motor being first, I'm sure it will not be a super long wait. But once again, nobody's going to have any idea of a time factor until the facility is up and running and the first production actually starts off the line. Check back here next year, same time..... LoL.

    Until then I'm going to keep enjoying my model 3.
  • The correct answer, like always, is...

  • Yes I am sure there will be many order cancelations just because it was $100 US dollars for reservation with full refund option if you cancel. In my case I have 2 reservations a Dual Motor and Tri Motor. I will only get one of the 2, but which one is dependent on the options for Dual Motor. If they give option of Dual Motor with bigger battery to also get the 500+ miles then I will do that, otherwise the Tri Motor for the range. My personal use would be I would never tow > 10K pounds and I don't care about the 0-60 of 2.9 seconds. The 4.8 is just fine. Either way I will cancel one of the 2 orders.
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