Model X

Issues of leather color rubbing off?

Recently purchased a 2017 MS with black leather seats. Got it detailed and found that something of black color was rubbing off on my clothes. Used a white towel to investigate and found that the seats are rubbing off color. Detailers said they used citrus cleaner, meguiars leather cleaner, then all-brite conditioner. Anyone have similar experience? Will it get worse if I get it cleaned again? I went to a second detailed to get their opinion and they said they’ve never seen this happen.


  • it will get worse because the seats are horrible quality. that is why we ordered full brushed leather seat covers for our 2017 but because that and other problems we ended up getting rid of it. now stuck with brand new never opened or used TAPTES brushed leather covers. If you are interested, they are for sale. you can email me [email protected]
  • I've bought multiple Teslas and the quality of the seats has always been fine. The color has never come off, but I don't apply harmful solvents to the seats. I also don't have kids, so the car stays fairly clean without a lot of work. Note that Tesla changed from Leather in early 2017 to synthetic "ultra" leather. I suspect some solvents could cause the color to come off with any brand/type seat and is not specific to Tesla.
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