Wireless charge Tesla Cars?

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Had been notice Tesla since the roadster and got very excited when seeing the Model S and reaaly looking forward to get one in Taiwan!

However, one of my friend who is a business owner of Amway said that Amway will act for Tesla to sell it's car in asia and will equip with Fultion Innovation's wireless charger which I found a little bit confusing from what I see through tesla website. Yet he still insist that Amway will bring in one Tesla Car to demo in taiwan......

Can anyone on this fourm can kindly tell me if there's any relationship between Tesla/Amway and if they have any plan to further push their sell in asia?

Many Thanks and best wishes for Tesla,



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    I SERIOUSLY doubt your friend: Tesla has, thus far, said its going its own way to see its products.

    Maybe your friend ment he'd advertise using his own Model S ( which all drivers do anyway :P)
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    Maybe Amway will sell wireless chargers for Tesla cars as some sort of aftermarket add-on, and that's what he mean with bringing Tesla car as demo in Taiwan. Or they buy cars from Tesla add that and then sell them again.
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    Maybe politics is involved, circumventing the need to transgress PRC's claims.

    Otherwise I doubt it. It complicates warranties, updates, service, etc. and amounts to a de facto dealership.

    OTOH local knowledge and language skills may be an issue. So far, the Asian market is hardly touched, but in the medium to long run is expected to equal North America or EU.

    Amway is a direct marketing model, and its members are often given to ecstatic dreams of global glory. So -- your friend may be smoking doctored cigarettes.
  • 'Independent Distributors' will tell you that scAmway gets its stuff in bulk from the manufacturers cheap thus can still sell the stuff through its pyramid scheme and get you a reasonable price and all the layers of recruiters above you will still get a cut. Well maybe, if a manufacturer has a large overstock or cancelled order and needs to get rid of it. Maybe you could get a Chevy Cruize from them at 2% below sticker because GM dumped a few thousand them at 60% off at the end of the year and needed a write down... but not a Tesla.

    Most of the stuff that scAmway sells is way overpriced for a no-name brand with puffed up claims of 'high quality', do yourself a favour and check the price at Walmart and the Dollar store before buying their cleaning stuff, energy drinks, health products or whatever.

    If you you like recruiting people or attending meetings about wild eyed dreams of quick wealth than scAmway is for you!
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