Does anyone have any information on level 2 charging capability of the Cybertruck? Old tesla could charge at 220/80=17k, newer tesla's could charge at 220/72=16k, Current Tesla's can only charge at 220/48=11k. This increases charge time at home. Where Tesla and other OEMs claim we spend most of our time charging. Well if you look at a 100kW battery and then do simple math; we were at 6hrs, 6.5 hrs, and now 9 hrs to fully charge. How is asnd additional 3 hours helpful to anyone? Further people speculate that the CyberTruck will have possibly a 200kW battery. If that is true we could be looking at 18 hours to charge the truck at home. People expect a vehicle to be able to work 18 hours a day and only need 6 hours to charge at home. Even at 17k we are looking at around 12 hours. When I questioned the pre-owned rep that I have worked with in the past he claimed to hear they may bring back something faster than 11k.

It would be nice if Tesla would share more info rather that less. Unless we have to look at 25k Chademo charging at home which is like $13k minimum.

Like the raw specs, and I know that Tesla is still refining the product before GA. But the charging capability is getting longer, and slower unless you pay for Fast Charging. So curious what anyone knows?


  • Its more than likely going to be a completely different system because the cybertruck will have bi-directional charging. But in short answer, we dont know. You can also supercharge.
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