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Power Outage and Frequency Shift

I just had my first power bump with the powerwall. It did not behave as expected. It did supply power to the house, but a secondary UPS I had would not stay on - when I checked the frequency, it was showing 65hz.
It would appear that as the power went out, there was a slight frequency deviation that the powerwall followed - this frequency shift then kept the solar panels from coming back online.
Is there a setting I can adjust so that the powerwall goes to 60hz when it is providing backup power?


  • PowerWall does that when it is full. It purposely shifts the frequency so that solar stays off (to prevent battery from overcharging).
  • Several other threads on this theme. Stimpacker states it very succinctly. I ended up tossing out all of the dedicated UPS I had in my house after Powerwall installation - they just didn't play well with the frequency shifts (and they are redundant with Powerwall anyway). Replaced them with high end surge suppressors.
  • Just send/call Tesla with the information of you UPS and the will adjust you system. You need serial , model and brand.
  • *send an email
  • IIRC, Tesla can tighten up the frequency to ~62.5Hz, which keeps most UPS happy. It worked for mine.
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