Broken Bow OK rental Cabin and Charging

We are headed to Oklahoma Broken Bow for the weekend and would like to see how other Tesla/EV owners managed the charging aspect. for some reasons the Broken Bow area has no charging infrastructure not even destination chargers. I am planning to take an extension cord and use the power outlet in the cabin. I have a Model S 60 Kwh.


  • Have you checked for any nearby RV parks/campgrounds? They often will have NEMA 14-50 outlets and might let you charge if you ask.
  • is the website maintained by EV drivers. It shows a hotel and a couple of campgrounds near Broken Bow with charging.
    I'd make sure to top off at the Texarkana Supercharger (assuming you're arriving from the south).
    Coming in from the North, you might want to rent or borrow a CHAdeMO adapter or plan to circle around and come up from Texarkana.
    I've been to more remote places in EVs with less range but not by much. It will be a bit of an adventure but, if you're at a cabin for a couple of days, the 120v should work. Just be sure your extension cord is at least 12 gauge (12/3).
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