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Transfer of free unlimited supercharging and premium conectivity

I am selling my early 2016 Model S. I am the original owner and took delivery in December, 2015. My spec sheet shows "free unlimited supercharging" and under subscriptions it shows "premium connectivity - free unlimited". My understanding is that as long as the car is sold privately, these features will transfer with the car. However, if I trade it into Tesla, or perhaps even another car dealer, all bets are off. I get that - I must sell it privately to have the "free" features transferred. I also realize that beginning sometime in early 2017, Tesla's policy regarding these features and transferability changed, and then changed, and changed, and changed again. These changes only applied to cars sold from those points forward, as they could not make them effective retroactively.

So I will be selling my car with a couple of valuable features - free supercharging and free premium connectivity, and of course I want to advertise this. My problem is that I cannot find anything in writing from Tesla that states this. The Tesla employees that I have spoken to understand my situation and agree with me regarding the transferability, but cannot send me anything in writing. One said that he found a document confirming the above, but could not send me a copy as it was an internal use document only. Others who are just too new with the company, or have had their brains scrambled over the years with the constant changes, have flatly stated that supercharging is not transferable.

Does anyone have a Tesla document or documents referring to this? Or can anyone refer me to where I can find them? My fear is that if I advertise the free features, sell the car, and Tesla for whatever reason discontinues the "free" aspect, I would at the least be deemed a liar and at the worst be open to a lawsuit. I have read comments on this forum from people who have seen it go both ways.


  • I've never seen it "go both ways". There was one person where Tesla removed FSD, sold the car at auction without FSD and a dealer bought it and sold it as having FSD. The buyer was scammed by the dealer but initially blamed Tesla.

    Sorry, I don't know of a document you're looking for, but I would not be all that concerned. You could state that it has those features at sale, which is true, and eliminates any risk if you really think there is a potential problem.
  • Premium Connectivity wasn’t a thing in 2016, but the Connectivity support page ( seems to be saying that your car will keep Premium Connectivity even if you sell the car.
  • I can confirm that used 2016 August built to that I bought two weeks ago indeed has unlimited premium connectivity for life included even though it wasn't listed as such at Tesla site listing.
  • EVRider - thank you. Your referenced site states, "All cars ordered on or before June 30, 2018 receive Premium Connectivity automatically for the lifetime of the car." Exactly what I was looking for.
    One down, now the free supercharging.
  • @IflyI95 ...if you have a copy of any documentation for your car that says FUSC, that should be enough proof for resale. Also, you can verify option code SC01 though Teslafi.

    As a last resort, visit a Tesla store and ask about a trade in. They should be able to pull up option codes by VIN
  • Here is what really should work for you, I justchecked worked for me on my June '15 build.

    Go to your Tesla account, log in.

    Select your car

    Select details

    In my case, shows clearly, "Free Unlimited Super Charging"
  • Aerodyne - I do have my spec sheet that states, "free unlimited supercharging". The problem is, it doesn't say that it transfers with the car to subsequent owners, at least in a private party to private party sale. I realize that if Tesla gets their hands on it as an interim owner, ie I were to trade it in to them, then they can do whatever they want with it, including removing that feature. This is the problem.
  • Understand. Using the way back machine you might be able to find some Tesla posts or articles that define FUSC.

    Get your option codes as well.
  • They can do as they please so it is 50/50.
  • If it says "Free unlimited supercharging" on the car's Monroney sticker, might change the analysis.
  • purchased has my 2014 model s 3 years ago private, i don't use aps, or any pnone bull crap, telsa service wont change my door handles out unless i registered my car to an account, i did so, now the streaming radio does not connect and all my stations are gone , WTF
  • My local sales rep who helped me with my new Model 3 purchase came through and sent me an email saying that my car "does include the free unlimited supercharging incentive and is transferable to any new owner who purchases your vehicle directly through you". Hurray!
    porthoscat - in English please?
  • Great! Persistence pays off I guess...
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